Everything You Need to Know About Lee Yoo-mi’s Appearence in ‘Squid Game’

lee yoo-mi in squid game

Get to Know Lee Yoo-mi

As we all know, Lee Yoo-mi‘s name is growing increasingly popular lately after she was starring in All of Us Are Dead and Squid Game. This actress who was born in July 1994 and who made the audience annoyed with her role in All of Us Are Dead, managed to get plenty of appreciation with her acting in Squid Game. Now, how come her acting in Squid Game brought her a lot of appreciation from people?

Well, in this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with information regarding Lee Yoo-mi’s appearance in Squid Game, ranging from her role, to her character, to her sad moments with Jung Ho-yeon. Keep on reading this article below!

Lee Yoo-mi’s Character in Squid Game

Lee yoo-mi role in squid game

Squid Game is a Netflix survival drama series that started airing on September 17th, 2020. This series got that blast because of the storyline and the acting of all the great actors; one of them is Lee Yoo-mi. In this series, Lee Yoo-mi got a role as Ji-yeong who is a contestant in the survival game. Ji-young is a young woman who joins the game after being freed from jail for killing her cruel and abusive stepfather.

Lee Yoo-min appeared in Episode 4 with the game title “Stick to the Team” where she was on Gi-hun’s team and won the game tug of war. The secret fact about her character is the director revealed that Ji-yeong role was supposed to be played by an actor.

Lee Yoo-mi’s Number in the Drama: 240

lee yoo mi number squid game

This series contains 465 people who are deeply in back pay and take the opportunity to make money and change their lives. Because there are so many people in this game each participant has his own number as his identity sign. Lee Yoo-mi appeared in Episode 4 with the identity number 240.

This 240 player is a very cheerful and kind person even though her presence isn’t accepted by those around her. She feels no hope for her life so she joins the game for money.

Lee Yoo-mi and Jung ho-yeon’s Sad Scenes in Squid Game

lee yoo mi jung ho yeon chemistry

The role played by Lee Yoo-mi became one of the favorite characters in this game because of the end of her life. There are so many friendship scenes and moments between Lee Yoo-mi and Jung Ho-yeon, but there’s one scene that can’t be easily forgotten by fans, which is her death scene.

As said before, her character is depicted as a kind and cheerful person in the midst of her background stories. She meets Jung Ho-yeon (as Kang Sae-byeok) in Episode 4 as a team member, then Ji-yeong wants to be friends with Sae-byeok who is very cold and doesn’t trust anyone in the game.

lee yoo mi jung ho yeon chemistry

Ji-yeong’s character must die in Episode 6 when they are playing Marbles (Gganbu). She was eliminated because she purposefully lost the Marbles game and let Sae-byeok win the game. Because as they waited for the game, both of them were asked about what would each other do if they won the Game. Ji-yeong doesn’t know what her plan is after winning the prize, meanwhile, Sae-byeok still has a family to be supported. So, she decides to willingly be shot in the head by a soldier.

lee yoo mi jung ho yeon chemistry

This scene between Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong was very emotional. Moreover, in her last moment, Ji-yeoung said goodbye to Sae-byeok by saying,

“Kang Sae-byeok! Thank you… for playing with me.”

Lee Yoo-mi Appreciated by Fans

lee yoo mi acting squid game

After seeing Lee Yoo-mi’s character’s death scene, fans were deeply sad. Lee Yoo-mi also got praised for her acting by people. Not only that, but her chemistry with Jung Ho-yeon also impressed everybody. She was praised by many people for her character who looked like a hero to Sae-byeok. She’s willing to risk her life just for Sae-byeok so she can make her dreams come true.

Here are netizens’ reactions and comments to Lee Yoo-mi’s character in Squid Game!

ji yeong sae byeok moments
lee yoo mi acting squid game

So, that’s all the information about Lee Yoo-mi’s appearance in Squid Game, starting from her character to getting praised by many people. After reading this article, please kindly drop a line with your thoughts in the comment section about Lee Yoo-mi’s appearance and acting in Squid Game. Also, don’t forget to follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial and share our content with your friends!