Get Closer to South Korean Actor Lee Yong-woo (Profile, Instagram, Dances, and Drama List)


Lee graduated from Deokwon Arts High School and the contemporary dance department at the Korea National University. Even though he majored in dance, he made his debut in the entertainment industry as an actor through the drama Style in 2009. Lee’s name as a dancer is getting more recognition after winning first place at Far East Dancers Concurs and becoming the master of the program Dancing 9. Lee became the face of the union of acting and dancing talent.

In 2013, Lee joined the dance survival program Dancing 9 on Mnet. The show was divided between two groups, Blue Eye and Red Wings, with masters in the groups. Lee got to be the master for the Blue Eye group with Park Ji-eun, Ducky, Yuri (SNSD), and Hyo-yeon (SNSD). For season 2, Lee teamed up as a master in the Blue Eye group with Park Ji-eun, Kim Su-ro, and Jay Park. For season 3, he teamed up again with Park Ji-eun and Kim Su-ro. As a master, he specializes in modern dance. Lee’s decision to be on the show is because he wants to raise the popularity of modern dance. He revealed his thoughts at a press conference.

“I would like to encourage everyone to try modern dance through Dancing 9. It’s a goal,” he said.

Ducky and Lee were able to perform at Mnet 20’s Choice award. Lee performed BoA’s song “Only One” with a female dancer. Here’s the clip of the performance.


In the drama Ballerino that aired in 2015, he got to show his dancing skills through his role as the principal dancer at the Korean National Ballet. The drama itself tells the story of the friendship between a ballerina and a North Korean refugee who turns into a dancer. This drama also marked his first role after signing with YG Entertainment in 2014.

Lee was also part of the dance group named LDP (Laboratory Dance Project), a modern dance company. LDP was created by eight graduates from the Korean National University of Arts, Department of Dance. Based on his information on, Lee performed with LDP in 2004 and 2005. In 2004, he performed a monologue dance at the Seoul Arts Center. In 2005, he performed choreography in the LDP regular performance.

In 2018, Lee starred in BoA’s music video “One Shot, Two Shot”. In the video, he acted as a stranger dancing with BoA at the subway station. BoA revealed her thoughts in a radio show about working with Lee. Actually, she felt grateful and honored knowing Lee agreed to be in the video. After watching him in a drama, she decided to cast him in the video. Lee also gladly accepted the casting even without knowing a single piece from BoA’s song.

Personal Life

Lee Yong Woo got married on December 14, 2012, with a dancer in Bangbae-dong, Seoul. For the wedding, he only invited close relatives and acquaintances. In 2015, his wife gave birth to a baby boy. He often shows his wife and son on his Instagram.

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Based on Lee’s Instagram posts, it seems like Lee is a big fan of superheroes and basketball. He shows off his figurine collection. Recently, he posted photos of going to Seoul Comic Con. Here’s a photo.