Who Is Lee Yo-won’s Husband?


Queen Seondeok Actress, Married?

Actress Lee Yo-won might not be a household name today, but have you ever wondered what ever happened to her fame and fortune from back when she starred as Queen Seondeok in the highly successful drama of the same name? As it turns out, since her time portraying the iconic royal, she has gotten married and has been busy maintaining a family. An actress marrying young, in an industry that encourages their talent to strive for the best and reach the top of the social ladder, is definitely a sight to see. Lee Yo-won has continued to act, to this day, with projects such as The Social Avengers Club and the upcoming Different Dream in 2019. She’s still got it, even though she’s a wife and mother.

Married with three beautiful children, aren’t you curious as to who has stolen the actress’ heart? What made her decide to marry so young, compared to other actresses? Let’s get to know Lee Yo-won’s husband, the professional golfer and businessman, Park Jin-woo!

Career and Success

Lee Yo-won debuted after winning a modeling contest during her second year of high school, something which is very common for entertainers of her time. In 1997, she became a model, which led her to various other jobs like cameos in music videos, and small parts in TV series. Her first role was in the TV Series I Hate You, Its Fine in 1998, but she first started to gain presence within the entertainment industry with her role in the film Attack The Gas Station.

Her first big break came with the TV series Queen Seondeok in 2009. The drama is based on the real-life events revolving around Queen Seondeok of Silla, who was Korea’s first reigning Queen. She took the role because she said that she was tired of playing the stereotypical fragile female lead archetype that was very prominent at the time. The drama made big bucks, with a peak of 44.9 percent ratings during its run. This propelled her career into stardom, gaining her female lead roles in the fantasy drama 49 Days and chaebol-centric melodrama Empire of Gold.

Recently, after spending time raising her second and third children, Lee Yo-won ventured into more adventurous roles, such as her roles in My Horrible Boss and The Social Avengers Club. Lee Yo-won has positioned herself to act in more progressive and non-stereotypical roles, such as the woman seeking out revenge in The Social Avengers Club. The drama gained decent traction, with loyal viewers gained every week. The story itself is refreshing and serves to remind others of her acting skills.

Park Jin-woo, The Golfer


Despite her glowing career, she hasn’t gone about the business of her career in the usual way. She has decided to marry young, at the age of 23, to professional golfer and businessman, Park Jin-woo. The two were introduced by their mutual friend, Jo Yeo-Jeong, in 2001, and the 6-year difference between the two didn’t deter their love for one another as they dated.

As a golfer, Park Jin-woo has received a lot of awards and achievements that are world-class, and when he’s not golfing, he has a business that moves in the distribution sector. Recently, that business has been expanding into the chemistry and pharmacy sector, as he recently acquired a lot of companies from that area in hopes he could gain a bigger profit. As his job only requires him to manage the various companies, he has been dubbed the ‘stay at home chaebol’, as he makes a lot of money working from home and has time to tend to the kids and housework.