Everything You Need to Know About “Queen Seondeok” Main Actress Lee Yo-won (Profile, Husband, Family, Movies, Wedding, ETC)

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Korean Actress Lee Yo-won

Mostly known by international fans for her amazing portrayal as the brave and fearless Queen Seon-deok in MBC’s historical drama Queen Seon-deok, Lee Yo-won has worked in the showbiz industry as a model who turned into an excellent actress. Her brilliant track record has been proven ever since her rookie days as she received awards for Best New Actress in lots of award ceremonies, such as Blue Dragon Film Awards, Chunsa Film Art Award, Director’s Cut Award, KBS Drama Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards, and SBS Drama Awards, as well as getting the award for Best Actress in the stated award ceremonies years later, making her an underrated yet top-notch Korean actress whose performance is highly recommended to watch. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Lee Yo-won, including her full profile, the list of her television dramas, movies, and television shows, her plastic surgery, family news, fashion style, and latest news. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile

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Birth Name: Lee Yo Won

Birth: Seongnam, Gyeonggi, South Korea, April 9, 1980

Nationality: South Korean

Blood Type: B

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Chinese Astrology: Monkey

Spouse: Professional Golfer Park Jin-woo (married since 2003)

Children: 3 (two daughters and one son)

Education: Dankook University with a major in theater and film

Talent Agency: Management Koo

Instagram: @yowon_official

Age, Height, and Weight

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Lee Yo-won was born in 1980. According to the Korean Age System, in 2018, Lee Yo-won’s age is 39 years old while according to the International Age System, Lee Yo-won is 38 years old. Additionally, Lee Yo-won is considered to have a slim and tall body as her height is 170 cm and her weight is only 48 kg.

List of Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows

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Starting her career as a model, Lee Yo-won is more known as an actress who has accepted the challenge of a variety of fictional dramas and movie characters, starting from a young woman involved in a forbidden affair with a married man (Blue Mist) to an emotionless woman who lost her boyfriend in a motorbike accident (49 Days). Not only dramas, movies, and television shows, Lee Yo-won also has starred in countless music videos of South Korea’s singers and groups. Here, you may check the list of Lee Yo-won’s dramas, films, and music videos!

1998 – Scent of a Man (Supporting Role as young Eun-hye)

1998 – SBS’s I Hate You, But It’s Fine (Supporting Role as Lee Bit-na)

1998 – Music video of Deep’s “Please Baby Don’t Cry”

1998 – Music video of O.P.P.A’s “WAYO!WAYO!”

1999 – Music video of A4’s “Will You Forgive Me”

1999 – Music video of K2’s “To Her Lover”

1999 – SBS’s March (Supporting Role as Jung Yo-won)

1999 – KBS2’s School 2 (Main Role as Kim Yeon-jin)

1999 – Attack the Gas Station (Supporting Role as Ggal-chi)

2000 – KBS2’s Tough Guy’s Love (Supporting Role as Heo Ji-hye)

2000 – Music video of Position’s “I Love You”

2001 – Music video of WHY’s “I Wish You Happiness (Joy Project – 1 Year of Love)”

2001 – KBS2’s Blue Mist / Blue Fog (Main Role as Lee Shin-woo)

2001 – KBS2’s Pure Heart (Main Role as Han Se-jin or Kang Hyun-joo)

2001 – Take Care of My Cat (Main Role as Shin Hye-joo)

2002 – A.F.R.I.K.A.( Main Role as Lee Ji-won)

2002 – Surprise Party (Main Role as Wang Ha-young)

2002 – SBS’s The Great Ambition (Main Role as Yoon Yeo-jin)

200­2 – Music video of Ji Seo-reyon’s “Crying in the Afternoon”

2005 – SBS’s Fashion 70’s (Main Role as Han Deo-mi or Go Joon-hee)

2005 – When Romance Meets Destiny (Main Role as Go Yun-kyung)

2006 – Music video of Vibe’s “Liquor”

2007 – Music video of SeeYa’s “Love’s Greeting”

2007 – Music video of SeYa’s “Ice Doll”

2007 – May 18 (Main Role as Park Shin-ae)

2007 – SBS’s Surgeon Bong Dal-hee (Main Role as Bong Dal-hee)

2007 – KBS2’s Cruel Love / Bad Love (Main Role as Na In-jung)

2008 – tvN’s World Special “LOVE” (episode in Vietnam)

2009 – MBC’s Queen Seondeok (Main Role as Princess Deokman or Queen Seondeok)

2009 – Music video of Shin Seung-hun’s “I’m Terrible in Love”

2010 – The Recipe (Main Role as Jang Hye-jin )

2010 – SBS’s Running Man (as Guest Star on episode 259)

2011 – SBS’s 49 Days (Main Role as Song Yi-kyung or Shin Ji-min)

2012 – MBC’s Horse Doctor (Main Role as Kang Ji-nyeong)

2012 – Perfect Number (Main Role as Baek Hwa-sun)

2012 – Music video of Yangpa’s “Love Is All the Same”

2013 – Fists of Legend (Supporting Role as PD of TV Show, Hong Gyu-min)

2013 – SBS’s Empire of Gold / Golden Empire (Main Role as Choi Seo-yoon)

2016 – JTBC’s My Horrible Boss / Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Go (Main Role as Ok Da-jung)

2016 – MBC’s Night Light (Main Role as Seo Yi-kyung)

2017 – tvN’s Avengers Social Club (Main Role as Kim Jung-hye)

2017 – Yes, Family / My Little Brother (Main Role as Oh Soo-kyung)