Are You Curious About Lee Yi-kyung’s Dating Story? Here Are the Facts!

The Epic Kiss Scene

Since they weren’t a couple on-screen and were each paired with another actress/actor, they had to do their kiss scenes with their partners in the show. Jung In-sun shared her romantic scene with Kim Jung-hyun, while Lee Yi-kyung was paired with Go Won-hee.

Lee Yi-kyung admitted that it was difficult to hold his emotions. “That’s a sensitive issue. As an actor, you have to understand, but it’s hard to watch (as a boyfriend). I can’t express it, but it’s something you have to accept,” he said.

However, the couple always put their professionalism before their own feelings. They proved that by keeping their secret until the last day of the drama.

No Happy Ending

Two months after they confirmed their relationship, the bad news came that the couple had broken up. On June 18, Jung In-sun’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, confirmed the news, “It is true they recently broke up. We do not know why and have not heard anything from her. As this is her personal life, it is difficult for us to confirm and speak about it.” 

A source from Lee Yi-kyung’s agency, HB Entertainment, stated that they agreed to stay good friends and support each other as a colleagues. They were reported to have separated because of their lack of time together due to their busy schedules. Such a classic way for the celebrities to break up.

Many netizens feel bad about it, because they looked so suitable before. Some netizens commented:
“It’s normal to be dating and broke up, then met another one.”
“Wow, there were just many articles of them last week.”
“There’s nothing wrong with them, I hope they will have a better future.”

So, what do you think about this Go Go Wakiki off-screen ex-couple ?