Are You Curious About Lee Yi-kyung’s Dating Story? Here Are the Facts!

Lee Yi-kyung and Something in Go Go Wakiki

Remember the three man who were running a guesthouse called ‘Wakiki’? Yup, one of them was Lee Yi-kyung, a South Korean actor born on January 8, 1989. Lee Yi-kyung made his debut as an actor in 2011, and got recognition for his role as a rebellious student in the teen drama School 2013. He was later cast in roles as a supporting actor in several big hit dramas, such as My Love From The Star (2013) and Descendant of The Sun (2016). Later yet, he was cast in a good role in the comedy drama Confession Couple (2017), and that led him being cast as one of the stars in Go Go Wakiki (2018).

Behind the humorous story and acting in Go Go Wakiki, there’s a noteworthy event that happened between the single mom, Han Yoon-ah (Jung In-sun), and Lee Joon-ki (Lee Yi-kyung), who aren’t even paired as a couple in the show. In fact, they used to date in real life! It was very unexpected since they’re not a couple in the drama. Jung In-sun is younger than Lee Yi-kyung. The actress was born on April 25, 1991.

Curious about how it could be real? Let’s find out!

Confirmed To Be Dating (In Public)

On April 17, shortly after reports they were dating started to spread, both of the agencies that employ the actors confirmed they had been dating for a year. They kept it quiet for a long time, not even their co-stars knew about the relationship. They kept it down to earth because they didn’t want their relationship to interfere with their professional work in Go Go Wakiki. 

In separate interviews to promote the Go Go Wakiki finale, Lee Yi-kyung and Jung In-sun shared how they felt after the news about their closeness started to spread. When it happened, Lee Yi-kyung was cool about it, and stated, “I didn’t want to hide it or lie about it when people found out.” Perhaps confirming it would prevent any problems later.

They both felt really bad about it. Lee Yi-kyung said, “I felt worried at first. Then I felt bad for the ‘Waikiki’ teammates and fans.” While Jung In-sun suddenly thought about their teammates in the drama, “I didn’t want to be a burden to the show. I couldn’t help thinking about our teammates: the actors, director, CEO of the production company, and the staff members who stayed up many nights filming with us,” she said.

Lee Chang-min, the Production Director for Go Go Waikiki, was as surprised as everyone else because they didn’t act like a couple off-screen, or even going on dates. Lee Yi-kyung and Jung In-sun’s behavior off-screen was very professional since they were immersed in their roles (which was not as a couple).

The director said that they inspired him and he wished the best for them. He stated, “They are both good actors. I hope they cherish each other and continue to meet well. They got public attention for this drama, so I hope they promote often in the future and do well (activity wise).”

How They Met

Still in their separate interviews for the Go Go Wakiki finale, they shared the story of their history together. Back before dating one year ago, she revealed, “we chatted over drinks at izakayas, and found out we get along pretty well.” Lee Yi-kyung also shared,  “I fell for her while talking with her. She’s very considerate.”

The funny story was they didn’t expect to be co-stars in their new work, so they decided keep it secret. If they wanted to flirt off-screen there was no time for that. “There were a lot of scenes to film, because the show had six protagonists. We split into teams A and B, which made it hard for us to see much of each other,” Jung In-sun said. She added, “The teammates knew I had a boyfriend, but didn’t know who he was.”

On tvN’s Seoulmate, which aired on April 28, when Lee Yi-kyung was asked whether his close friend Lee Ki-woo knew about his relationship, and he revealed that Lee Ki-woo was the one who introduced him to Jung In-sun!

He also said, “She’s been my ideal type for a long time. Even before we started dating, I’d talked about wanting to act with her.” It seemed like Lee Yi-kyung was madly in love with Jung In-sun. He continued complimenting Jung In-sun, “She’s kind-hearted and so considerate. She has everything that I lack. She is such a good person to everyone.”