One of The Beatiful Guest Stars on ‘Running Man’, Lee Yeon-hee Feels Comfortable Filming Variety Shows

Beautiful Lee Yeon Hee Loves to Play on Variety Shows.

This beautiful artist, who works under the SM entertainment, has been appearin on television from an early age. Besides playing in dramas and acting in several films, her face often appears in advertisements and music videos. 

She is Lee Yeon-hee, South Korean actress. She is famous for her work in the television series East of Eden, Phantom. Recently, the actress  was a guest on an episode of SBS’s Running Man, which aired on March 31, 2013. Prior to this one, Yeon Hee also appeared in Running Man in episodes 61-62. This special episode was an international trip for the Running Man cast; they were headed to Beijing to handle a different kind of beast: the Great Wall of China.

Yeon-hee’s presence on Running Man pretty much leaves the male cast members in a daze, and they ask if the staff can switch her out with someone else during the night. Haha even declared his true love to Yeon-hee, and added that he wasn’t serious about the countless other actresses he previously confessed to.

Jae-suk asked Yeon-hee to read the mission card aloud. She begins, in her clear, professional actress’s voice, until Jae-suk stopped her mid-sentence and said,  “This is variety, you’ve got to make it fun!” She tried again in a cute tone with a “Woo!” at the end, to finish. It’s funny and sweet how the cast teaches their guests little variety tips.

The Running Man episode on September 18 was truly spectacular, with a race at the Great Wall of China, and Beijing as a backdrop. The second mission for the participants was to buy different types of Chinese food properly. Lee Yeon Hee looked very confident in this mission. When Lee Yeon Hee said, “I took Chinese for a foreign language class”, Gary asked, “How to say ‘I like’?” Lee Yeon Hee made the mistake of answering “Wo ai nee” which actually means “I love you”. Gary reacted with delight, making everyone laugh when he replied, “Lee Yeon Hee said she loved me!” Lee Yeon Hee’s expertise in Chinese is increasingly ‘shining’.

She ordered the food for the mission because Yoo Jaesuk and Gary couldn’t speak Chinese at all, but the shop clerk didn’t seem to understand anything Lee Yeon Hee said, and vice versa. The members also displayed their ‘Chinese Jaegi Chagi di’ abilities on the Great Wall along with the Chinese Character Quiz, Kungfu rock-paper-scissor suits, and the Great Wall Race, which created a wave of laughter.

After the Yeon-Hee’s appearance in these episodes, She joined the show again on episode 139. On the set, the male cast members became excited when more beautiful actresses appeared, Lee Yeon Hee and Go Ara were embarrassed by the reactions. In this episode, they played a game involving a romantic drama scenario. The male cast members played as the directors of large companies, while the women got the roles of typical female leads in dramas, who come from unfortunate backgrounds but never lose hope.

In episode 139, she reveals her drink order and the reactions around the room are priceless. Jae-suk nearly falls out of his chair, crying. The Betrayal Trio share looks of disbelief, and Gary revels in happiness.

Because Yeon-Hee has been on Running Man twice, many fans and netizens assume that Yeon-Hee feels comfortable playing in variety shows. There are a lot of actresses who aren’t good at playing variety shows, or they seem stiff, but Yeon Hee was welcomed warmly for her second time on the show and seemed very at ease.