About Korean Actress Lee Yeon-hee: Profile, Boyfriend, Movies, TV Shows, Drama List, ETC

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Korean Actress Lee Yeon-hee

Awarded second place in SM Entertainment’s Best Youth Contest in 2001, Lee Yeon-hee got a free pass and signed a contract with the most popular entertainment agency in South Korea. Before deciding to be an actress, Lee Yeon-hee was trained not only in acting but also in singing and dancing. It turned out that she was actually included in the line-up of Super Girl, the group which was later known to be Girls’ Generation. In 2008, Lee Yeon-hee achieved Best New Actress awards on many award events, such as the 31st Golden Cinematography Awards, MBC Drama Awards, and the 5th Max Movie Awards. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Lee Yeon-hee, including her full profile, a list of her television dramas, movies, and television shows, rumors, advice, and more. So, keep reading!

Full Profile

lee yeonhee

Birth Name: Lee Yeon-hee

Nickname: Innocence, IslandVely (the nickname she received during Island Trip 2)

Birth: Samsan-myeon, Haenam County, South Jeolla, South Korea, January 9, 1988

Occupation: Actress and model

Nationality: South Korean

Blood Type: B

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Astrology: Dragon

Religion: Protestant

Siblings: 3 (two older sisters and one younger brother)


  • Bundang Jungang High School
  • Chung Ang University, with a major in theater and film

Languages: Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, and French

Hobbies: Movies, reading, and listening to music

Specialty: Swimming and singing

Agency: SM Entertainment

Age, Height, and Weight

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Lee Yeon-hee was born in 1988. According to the Korean Age System, in 2018, Lee Yeon-hee’s age is 31 years old while according to the International Age System, Lee Yeon-hee is 30 years old. In addition, Lee Yeon-hee is considered to have a slim body with a height of 170 cm and a weight of 46 kg.

List of Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows

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Ever since her debut as an actress, Lee Yeon-hee was mostly chosen for main characters rather than supporting ones, which made many people think that the influence of her agency must be extremely well because her acting skills did not have any improvement from one project to another. Not only dramas, movies, and television shows, Lee Yeon-hee also has starred in countless music videos, mainly for SM Entertainment’s singers and groups. Here, you may check the list of Lee Yeon-hee’s dramas, films, and music videos!

2001 – Music video for Moon Hee-jun’s “Alone”

2001 – Music video for Moon Hee-jun feat Oh Sang-eun’s “Our Story”

2001 – Music video for Kangta’s “Thank God”

2001 – Music video for Fly to the Sky’s “Condition of My Heart”

2001 – Music video for Shinhwa’s “Hero”

2002 – Music video for Kangta’s “Memories”

2002 – Music video for Kangta’s “Pine Tree”

2002 – Music video for Kangta’s “Propose”

2003 – Music video for Fly to the Sky’s “Habit”

2004 – Music video for TVXQ’s “My Little Princess”

2004 – Music video for TVXQ’s “The Way U Are”

2005 – Music video for Kangtan’s “Persona”

2006 – Music video for Zhang Liyin feat. Xia’s “Timeless”

2006 – A Millionaire’s First Love (Main Role as Choi Eun-hwan)

2007 – M (Main Role as Mi-mi)

2007 – My Love (Main Role as So-hyeon)

2008 – U-Turn (Main Role as Yeon-hee)

2008 – Hello, Schoolgirl (Main Role as Han Soo-young)

2008 – Music video for Zhang Liyin’s “Star Wish (I Will)”

2008 – Music video for Zhang Liyin’s “The Left Shore of Happiness”

2008 – Music Video for “M-net Love Song 2008”

2009 – Music video for Clazziquai’s “Wizard of Oz”

2010 – Music video for S.M The Ballad’s “Miss You”

2010 – SBS’s Running Man (as Guest Star on episode 61 and 62)

2011 – My Way (Supporting Role as Kim Eun-soo)

2013 – Marriage Blue (Main Role as So-mi)

2015 – Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island (Main Role as Hisako)

2004 – KBS2’s Emperor of the Sea (Main Role as the young version of Jung Hwa-young)

2004 – KBS1’s My Lovely Family (Supporting Role as Yeon-ji)

2005 – KBS2’s Resurrection (Supporting Role as Kang Shin-young)

2006 – MBC’s One Fine Day (Main Role as Goo Hyo-joo)

2008 – MBC’s East of Eden (Main Role as Gook Young-ran / Grace)

2011 – SBS’s Paradise Ranch (Main Role as Lee Da-ji)

2012 – SBS’s Phantom / Ghost (Main Role as Yoo Kang-mi)

2013 – MBC’s Gu Family Book (Guest Role as Yoon Seo-hwa)

2013 – MBC’s Miss Korea (Main Role as Oh Ji-young)

2015 – MBC’s Splendid Politics (Main Role as Princess Jeongmyeong)

2017 – SBS’s Reunited Worlds (Main Role as Jung Jung-won)

2017 – jTBC’s The Package (Main Role as Yoon So-so)

2018 – O’live and tvN’s Island Trio 2 (as a Regular cast member)

2018 – Fist Fighting (as Main Role)

Did Lee Yeon-hee Have Plastic Surgery?

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Recognized as a natural beauty from the biggest entertainment agency in the showbiz industry, Lee Yeon-hee still cannot avoid the accusation of having plastic surgery. While the actress firmly said that good genes run in her family as all of her family members are attractive and that the only features she fixed are her gums and teeth, the suspicion is still circulated among netizens. Is it true that Lee Yeon-hee had plastic surgery? Let’s see her pre-debut pictures below.

lee yeonhee
lee yeonhee
lee yeonhee