Has Lee Yeon-hee Done Plastic Surgery? Here Is a Before-and-After Comparison


Has ‘Miss Korea’ Lee Yeon-hee Done Plastic Surgery?

Lee Yeon-hee, who is famous for her acting in the drama titled Miss Korea, attracts considerable attention from the audiences. Obviously, she’s one of the most beautiful actresses and her face looks perfectly healthy. She is known to appear younger than she actually is, especially since she is a 30-year-old actress with a very youthful face.

This girl has revealed that when she was younger, she had often been told that she looked older than her actual age. As fate would have it, now she looks younger than her actual age!

Lee Yeon-hee is well-known for her role in the series Miss Korea, a popular Korean Drama (2013-2014). Her adorable appearance seemed to match her role of Miss Korea. In the drama, she even had to shoot a scene where she was asked to do a breast implant surgery. That’s only in the drama, but what’s Lee Yeon-hee like in real life? Has she undergone plastic surgery like many other popular celebrities? We all know that plastic surgery in South Korea is no longer a new trend or wave; it is somewhat of a common thing, especially among celebrities. Many of them have done double eyelid surgery, a nose job or jaw surgery.

The natural beauty Lee Yeon-hee has been asked if she has done any plastic surgery by many people recently. Just like many other female Korean celebrities, who have been rumored to have done some or another plastic surgery, so has Lee Yeon-hee. She has been deemed of having done a plastic surgery intervention on her beautiful face. So, what does the rumor say?


Many fans like this artist, who was born in 1988, because of her natural beauty. However, it is undeniable that an artist as beautiful as she is going to be questioned whether her face has gone under the knife like other artists’ have? Let’s look and compare the photos of Lee Yeon-hee’s face from when she was young til today.


Above is a portrait picture of Lee Yeon-hee when she was young. If you look at her facial features, it is obvious that she was already very charming and beautiful when she was young. Her lustrous white skin and supple eyes make her face very sweet. Looking back, it appears that Lee Yeon-hee has had a beautiful face ever since she was born, without plastic surgery. How about if we take a look at the next photos and compare her appearance when she was 20 years old and when she was still a young school girl?


It is obvious that Lee Yeon-hee appears to be a natural beauty in both her photos. Nothing on her face shows any signs of her having done any plastic surgery. Her face still looks the same as when she was young. However, in the past few years, Lee Yeon-hee seems to be looking differently. The part of her face that could have possibly been corrected by plastic surgery is her eyelids. We can easily see from the photo that ever since she was young she had big eyes. But, now, they appear to be even bigger, which is why it is being speculated that she might have done some intervention on her eyelids. Her nose seems to look the same as before, though.

Actually, as we can see from both Lee Yeon-hee’s before and after plastic surgery photos, the shape of her large eyes remains the same as when she was young. So, even if she has done this eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), she has simply just refined them, and not made them appear larger. It is different from many other Korean celebrities, who do eyelid surgery to reshape their eyes and make them larger. Of course, there are other celebrities, who have small eyes and want to make them larger in order to enhance their facial features. However, in Lee Yeon-hoo’s case, the comparison of the photos proves that if she has done something to her eyelids it was not to change the shape or size of her eyes, but simply to enhance what was already there in the first place.

Talking about the surgery rumor, Lee Yeon-hee hasn’t actually confirmed anything yet, and the same goes for her entertainment. If her beauty is really natural, without any plastic surgery enhancement, it proves that not all Korean celebrities have gone under the knife. She should be very grateful for having such a natural look.


But after Lee Yeon-hee made her appearance at the Burberry flagship store opening, she said in an interview that she got her teeth and gums done. Lee Yeon-hee actually got her gums done. She said that they were big, so she made her teeth smaller, making her more confident to smile widely. The public has its own opinion; if she had any sort of trouble related to her teeth, say it is making eating hard or nearly impossible, or it is just overall uncomfortable, then it is a medical procedure. However, if she just had crooked teeth that didn’t cause discomfort from a health point of view, then she just wanted straight teeth, and it is considered a beauty procedure.

Although the relation between Lee Yeon-hee and plastic surgery is making the public ask for the truth, some people believe that she is natural beauty. Her fans love her natural beauty so much, they think that she hasn’t done any procedure in terms of plastic surgery. Obviously, plastic surgery can make anyone become prettier, and they still haven’t jumped over the wall about her being a natural beauty.