Here Is Lee Won-geun’s Full Profile! Age, Drama List, Movies, and TV Shows

Lee Won Geun

Who is he?

Lee Won-geun started his debut career of acting when he was starring in historical drama series on MBC which is The Moon Embracing The Sun. In this drama, he played as the teen version of Woon, while the adult version of Woon was played by Song Jae-rim. The acting offer began to overwhelm Lee Won-geun, and he got popular which led to roles in many other dramas. One of his most successful dramas is Sassy Go Go. In this drama he is believed to play as main male character, with a proportional height and weight, his physical appearance looks almost perfect.

Lee Won-geun’s Profile

Lee won Geun

Name: Lee Won-geun
Hangul: 이원근
Birthdate: June 27, 1991 (age 27)
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Education: Konkuk University – Film Studies
Occupation: Actor, Model
Years Active: 2012 – present

In each of his interviews, Lee Won-geun shows that he is a friendly, optimistic, and intelligent young star who always does his best to pass his hard moments in his life. Besides that, his friendship with other young stars like Ji Soo and N VIXX shows that he is easy to get along with both when filming or outside of filming.

It is not easy for Lee Won-geun to be an attractive, charismatic, and sexy figure at the same time. It is not easy for an actor to play the role as a very popular and arrogant character, but also caring at the same time. However, Lee Won-geun was able to attract attention and make female audiences fall in love with him more. If you’re curious about his role, check out the filmography of Lee Won-geun!

Lee Won Geun

Drama series

  • Jugglers (KBS2 / 2017-2018) – Hwang Bo-Yool
  • A Person You May Know | Al Soodoissneun Saram (Naver TV Cast / 2017) – Kim Jin-Young
  • Queen of Mystery | Chooriui Yeowang (KBS2 / 2017) – Hong Joon-O
  • The Good Wife (tvN / 2016) – Lee Joon-Ho
  • Cheer Up! (Sassy Go Go) | Balchikhage Gogo (KBS2 / 2015) – Kim Yeol
  • Hyde Jekyll, Me | Haideu Jikil, Na (SBS / 2015) – Lee Eun-Chang (circus staff)
  • Secret Door | Bimilui Moon (SBS / 2014) – Kim Moon
  • 12 Years Promise | Dalrae Dwaen, Jangkook: 12nyeonmanui Jaehwe (JTBC / 2014) – Yoo Joon-Soo (young)
  • Passionate Love | Yeolae (SBS / 2013-2014) – Kang Moo-Yeol (young)
  • Pure Love | Ilmalui Soonjung (KBS2 / 2013) – Choi Joon-Young
  • Phantom | Yooryung (SBS / 2012) – Kwon Do-Hyung (cameo)
  • The Moon Embracing The Sun | Haereul Poomeun Dal (MBC / 2012) – Woon (teen)


  • Wretches | Gwoemooldeul (2018) – Jae-Young
  • In Between Seasons | Hwanjeolgi (2018) – Yong-Joon
  • Feng Shui | Myungdang (2018) – King Heonjong
  • Misbehavior | Yeogyosa (2017) – Student Jae-Ha
  • The Net | Geumool (2016) – Oh Jin-Woo

Variety Show

  • Celebrty Bromance | M Big TV (2016) – Season 7 with N (singer) (Web series)

Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Nominated Work Result
2015 29th KBS Drama Awards Best New Actor Cheer Up! (Sassy Go Go) Nominated
Popularity Award, Actor Nominated
Best Couple Award (with Jung Eun-ji) Nominated
2016 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best New Actor The Net Nominated
2017 37th Oporto International Film Festival Directors Week Best Actor Award Won
1st The Seoul Awards Best New Actor Misbehavior Nominated
26th Buil Film Awards Nominated
22nd Chunsa Film Awards Nominated


Lee Won-geun with Eun-ji (APINK)

Lee Won Geun-Eunji

Lee Won-geun has previously worked several times with female idol group members, including Song Ji-eun’s SECRET and SNSD’s Seouhyun. Lee Won-geun also talked about Eun-ji APINK by saying “It also makes me happy. But nowadays, the (idol) singers can also to be great actors. I think I learned a lot from them, Eun-ji has experience by leading her own work. As seeing how she became a leader in the drama, she also has the nature of leadership in the set of filming. She is so close to the director, she always organizes the situation so well and solves many problems. I’m really thankful for her”.

With the successful drama series of Sassy Go Go, both recently won awards as the best couple in the annual awards event hosted by the Korean entertainment news site in Soompi Awards 2015. “This is the first award of my life from Soompi Awards 2015, I won Best Couple with Jung Eun-ji. Thank you very much,” said Lee Won-geun.

For all the drama fans of Sassy Go Go and all who voted for me, I am very grateful. I feel this has been a long time since I heard the name of Sassy Go Go. I’m glad to hear it and also grateful to have received this award. I will work hard to become a better Eun-ji. And I also continued this award winning with Won-geun oppa. Thank you all,” Jung Eun-ji added.

This became the second award they won in the Best Couple Category. Previously, they also entered the same nomination in the KBS Drama Awards 2015. In the drama Sassy Go Go, Lee Won-geun and Eun-ji have opposite personality characters, Kim Yeol (a clever student in the class) and Kang Yeon-doo (a dancer from the elite school), and then in the drama they become a couple.

Lee Won-geun Shares a Sweet-Fun Memories with VIXX’s N

Lee Won Geun-N VIXX

Lee Won-geun and VIXX’s N’s first time working together was on the KBS Drama project Sassy Go Go in 2015, and both have maintained their friendship since then. They even participated in Celebrity Bromance and N reportedly attended all of Lee Won-geun premiere movies and watched all of his dramas.

Lee Won-geun says that he and N can get along because having a similar personality. Then he shared stories about the vacation they shared together, “It was supposed to be both of us, but then I brought my friend he did not know. But N still smile and told me that its doesn’t matter, because my friend is his friend too, that’s our proximity. We went to Osaka, Japan and I found out he is not very good with game rides on amusement park, but he does his best to make sure me and my friends can still have fun.”

Now Lee Won-geun is currently promoting his new film, Monsters. The film’s story tells about a high school student named Jae Young (Lee Won-geun), who must do whatever he can to survive. Yang Hoon (Lee Yi-kyung) is someone who must get whatever he wants, and Ye Ri (Park Kyu-young), a carefree girl who was trapped between the two men. Meanwhile, Monsters is scheduled to be released on March 8th.