Always Looking Stunning And Flawless: Here Are Lee Sung-kyung’s Best Hairstyles

Everything You Should Know About The Most Beautiful and Multi Talented Actress Under YG Entertainment: Lee Sung-kyung

Lee Sung-kyung is a famous South Korean model and actress. She was born on August 10, 1990 in Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea. She plunged in the world of entertainment in 2008, beginning her career by debuting as a model. She was ranked 11th and managed to bring home the “Lex Prize” in the 17th Korea Super Model Contest competition.

The auspicious actress in YG Entertainment debuted in acting with a role as a supporting character in the drama series “It’s a Okay, That’s Love” in 2014, which starred Jo In-sung and Gong Hyo-jin, and she continued with other dramas in the following years. In 2017, Lee Sung-kyung became the voice actor for the character “Poppy” in the Korean version of the animated film “Trolls.”

Aside from acting, she also continues to work as a model for various fashion shows, star in commercial advertisements, and take work as a music video model. She has often received awards and has been nominated for several others, one of which was Artist of the Year at the 3rd Asia Artist Awards (2018).

In this article, Channel-Korea will show you Lee Sung-kyung’s best hairstyles, which makes her face always stunning and flawless. So, stay tuned!

Braided Style


Not everyone looks good in braids, but it’s all different if Lee Sung-kyung uses a hair style like that. Lee Sung-kyung been seen with her braided several times. She once showed off her hairstyle in the SBS’s drama ‘Doctors,’ which aired in 2016. With her hair in a classic braid, the actress looks very beautiful and adorable.

Let’s see the charm of the beautiful actress Lee Sung-kyung with a braided hair style below!


Black Hair

In September 2018, Lee Sung-kyung was seen at the Incheon airport in South Korea after dying her hair black, when she was leaving for Paris. She was scheduled to attend the Saint Laurent fashion show during Paris Fashion Week.

As is known, Lee Sung-kyung almost always appears with brown hair in every project, to match the bright color of her eyes. This is the first time Lee Sung-kyung has changed her hair color to black since she debuted. Lee Sung-kyung’s appearance with black hair naturally contrasts with her white skin, but makes her face look brighter.

Let’s see the charm of the beautiful actress Lee Sung-kyung with Black Hair style below!

Short Hair


Among the many hairstyles Lee Sung-kyung has worn, bob or long bob hairstyles may be the most typical hairstyles she favors. How not, when these two hairstyles became her trademark when she played the character Kim Bok-joo in the drama series ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo’ in 2016. In addition to successfully catapulting her name, this drama also had a fun and funny storyline.

For the sake of her role in the series, Lee Sung-kyung was determined to cut her hair short, surprising the fans. Even so, everyone still thought she looked cute and adorable with short bangs with haircuts. In South Korea alone, a bob or long bob haircut like this is indeed in high demand. Besides being able to provide a fresher facial effect, this hairstyle treatment is also quite easy.

Let’s see the charm of the beautiful actress Lee Sung-kyung with Short hair style as Kim Bok-joo below!


Ombre Hair

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Not much has changed from this beautiful actress, her long hairstyle often adorns every drama she plays. However, although still with the same hairstyle, she changed the color of her hair with an ombre of golden brown and a rather reddish color. Lee Sung-kyung looks very charming with her ombre hairstyle. This style was used by Lee Sung-kyung when she was part of the cast in the SBS drama ‘It’s Okay, Thats Love’, starring Jo In-sung and Gong Hyo-jin in 2014.

Let’s see the charm of the beautiful actress Lee Sung-kyung with her ombre hairstyle below!

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Curly Long Hair With Bangs

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Lee Sung-kyung always appears with her charming long hair. She only occasionally changes hair color, without changing her style. In a photoshoot done by Lee Sung-kyung, she once tried curly hair with a touch of bangs. This hairstyle made her look very beautiful, and also adorable like a living doll.

Let’s see the charm of the beautiful actress Lee Sung-kyung with Curly Long Hair With Bangs Hair style below!


Wavy Hair

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In addition to looking stunning with short hair, Lee Sung-kyung also often looks charming with long, wavy hair. When appearing with this hairstyle, the actress who began her career in the modeling field also dared to experiment with coloring her hair with bright colors, even ombre. Lee Sung-kyung herself actually does not change hair styles too often. Nevertheless, she was brave enough to experiment with various hair colors.

There are many variations of wavy hair from Lee Sung-kyung that you can use for your inspiration. In addition to arranging it with front bangs, Lee Sung-kyung also often appears with braided wavy hair. She also appeared with a middle split model hair with a dark brown color and wavy texture. This is a classic hair style that is still amazing to look at. So gorgeous!

Let’s see the charm of the beautiful actress Lee Sung-kyung with Wavy Hair style below!


Bun Hairstyle

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The bun hairstyle often used by Lee Sung-kyung does not diminish her beauty and charm. Despite being improvised, Lee Sung-kyung still looks very beautiful and charming with a hairstyle like this. In fact, many netizens are amazed by the beauty and charm of actress Lee Sung-kyung, even though her hair was tied improperly and impressed carelessly.

Let’s see the charm of the beautiful actress Lee Sung-kyung with Bun Hair style below!


That was all for the information about Lee Sung-kyung’s best hairstyles which make her face always stunning and flawless. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments below!