Lee Sung-kyung’s Secret Diet for Weight Loss


The Beautiful Model-turned-Actress Lee Sung-kyung

Do you know Lee Sung-kyung? She is a model-turned-actress, who has now gained popularity around the world for her raising acting career. She has played roles in various dramas, such as Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2017), Cheese In The Trap (2016), Doctors (2016), and About Time (2018).

However, Lee Sung-kyung didn’t originally make her debut as an actress; she started her career as a model under the label YG K-Plus in 2008, which brought her the title “Korea’s Gigi Hadid,” as reported in W Magazine.


Lee Sung-kyung made her debut as an actress in 2014, in the drama It’s Okay, This Is Love. The drama was aired on SBS, and she played the character of Ahn So-nyeo.


Behind the story of how Lee Sung-kyung has been offered the role is Kim Kyu-tae, the producer of the drama It’s Okay, This Is Love, whose daughter is one of Lee Sung-kyung’s fans. At that moment, Lee Sung-kyung was a successful model, and Kim Kyu-tae was searching for an actress who will play a role in his drama. That’s how Lee Sung-kyung was hired to be one of the cast in the drama, by Kim Kyu-tae’s daughter suggesting that she be a part of the cast of It’s Okay, This Is Love.

This is a big step in Lee Sung-kyung’s pursuit of her dream to become an actress, after which she started playing various roles in many popular dramas. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2017), aired on MBC, is one of Lee Sung-kyung’s most significant dramas. She gained even more popularity after playing the lead role of Kim Bok-joo, alongside her ex-boyfriend, Nam Joo-hyuk.


Lee Sung-kyung has been compared to the American fashion model, Gigi Hadid, after getting over 5.5 million followers on Instagram and acquiring 10% of the country of 50 million people following her Instagram account.


Lee Sung-kyung, known for her slender body and beautiful face, has been compared to the other female models in South Korea as well. This is due to her distinct charisma that always made her stand out, every time she would make an appearance in public, whether attending a fashion show, or promoting a cosmetics brand, or even on the small-screens playing a role in one of her dramas.


Diet is one of the methods that South Korean celebrities usually use, for maintaining their body in shape or losing weight for their appearances. Many people know that going on a diet is really difficult because there are so many restrictions, and you have to choose what kind of food to eat based on its nutritional value and your goal to live a healthier life. Some people, when they find out that their role model is on a diet, put a lot of effort to get in the same body shape as their idol.

It’s really obvious that the secret way to losing weight of many South Korean celebrities has been revealed and they seem to put a lot of effort, whether dieting or exercising to make their bodies look flawless. Since it is common knowledge that dieting is a difficult task, involving keeping yourself away from food, many people search for a diet advice from the stars. They start their own diet plan to lose some weight, while making a dietary recipe based on healthy food rich in vegetables, fruits and small portions of meat, and doing various exercises that are possible to do at home or the gym.

According to sg.style.yahoo.com, an important thing to do when going on a diet is avoiding salty and sugar-rich foods since they are the main reason why our bodies produce fat. Additionally, you have to change your mindset about the consumption of sweets and fatty food also known as junk food. Avoiding sweets, salty food, and junk food is a really important guideline if you want to make a slim & lean body. However, our bodies will get less nutrition if we restrict our intake of many kinds of foods and therefore, we need to consume vitamins to remain healthy and strong during the activities in our daily lives. In addition, eggs and tofu are a great choice for your diet menu as they are rich in protein, which is important for minimizing muscle loss.

When dieting, some people get stressed out if there is no significant weight loss after going on the diet and putting a lot of effort into it. They would usually say that it is not a successful way for them to lose weight. Many clinics for plastic surgery recommend liposuction as an easier way to lose weight. Liposuction surgery can be done on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, upper back arm, calves, and back by ‘sucking’ the fat out from the body. There are many top stars that have undergone liposuction, like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Demi Moore, Britney Spears, and many more. Most of the stars doing liposuction are from Hollywood, and there is no proof of whether Korean celebrities are also doing the same to lose weight.

Meanwhile, being a model, Lee Sung-kyung needs to take care of her appearance since working in the entertainment industry makes look an important thing in one’s life. This time, we will reveal Lee Sung-kyung’s tips for dieting and weight loss!