Here Is Lee Sun-kyun’s Full Profile! From Drama to Chemistry with IU

Are you wondering why he was given “The Voice” by his fans? Well, as mentioned above, he is actually a pretty good singer. Hear this track titled “Romantic Christmas”, a duet with Eugene. Tell me what you think!

And here is another track of him singing in Coffee Prince’s OST.

Lee Sun-Kyun in My Mister 

my mister

My Mister is a 2018 big hit South Korean drama, starring Lee Sun-kyun, IU, and Lee Ji-ah. This drama was written by Park Hae-young and directed by Kim Won-seok. It aired on tvN every Wednesday and Thursday.

It tells a story of the three middle aged brothers, who are struggling and yet still fighting with their lives, and a woman who has been having a hard time for her entire life and is living with her sick grandmother. This role was played by IU and the character was named Lee Ji-an. Because of her situation, she doesn’t dare to have a dream, a long-term plan or any kind of hope.

When she finally gets to work as a temporary employee, her boss told her to find the weakness of Park Dong-hoon (Lee Sun-kyun). Park Dong-hoon is an architect who prioritizes his safety over everything, and although he may seem cold on the outside, he is actually a really warm person inside. This side of him, got Lee Ji-an attracted to him and she learned to trust people for the first time.

Lee Sun-kyun said in press conference that he could sympathize with his character, because he also cares and worries about the future like any other Korean middle-aged man. “This story is somewhat dark, but I hope viewers feel life is still worth living. I have a line in the drama which reads, ‘life is about the struggle between your inner power and outer forces. If you have strong inner power, you can overcome difficulties you face in life'”.

Before the drama aired, there was a speculation that this drama would portray a love story between a girl in her 20s and a man in his 40s. Because of that, there was a lot of criticism towards IU. She admitted that she was concerned at first, as it seemed like it related to an old controversy that she was involved with. “After reading the synopsis, I wanted to take the role. But I couldn’t really say ‘yes’. I was worried that the drama might be swept up in unnecessary controversy because of me.” She added, “I even asked the producer if he knows about the controversy surrounding me, if he would be okay with it.” 

But then producer Kim Won-suk managed to persuade her, saying “It’s not a love story, it’s a human story”.

Despite all the controversy, the drama was a big success. It had topped the weekly TV chart and has the highest ratings yet. Its final episode garnered a score of 249.5 on the weekly Content Power Index (CPI). CPI measures the level of popularity, social media trending and influence on consumer behavior of entertainment TV programs.

Many reviews stated that they were moved by the progress of the two leading actors, Lee Sun-kyun and IU. They shared a deep connection and a different level of emotion. They understood each other, they knew what would make and break them, and helped each other based on this knowledge. They also believed in each other and walked the tiring road together. It is a different kind of love-relationship but still beautiful. Many thought that Lee Sun-kyun and IU had a great chemistry in this drama.

Lee Sun-Kyun’s Wedding and Family

lee sun kyun wedding

On May 23, 2009, Lee Sun-kyun officially married his bride Jeon Hye-jin after dating for 6 years. It was also announced on the wedding day, that they were expecting their first child, and his bride was 11 weeks pregnant. The ceremony was officiated by the head pastor of Segyero (World Vision Community) Church. The MCs were Oh Man Seok and his close friend, Hong Sung Bo. Actor Lee Sang Woo also made the congratulatory speech. He also serenade his bride during the ceremony.

Before, at pre-wedding press conference, he told the reporters that he was a fan of her during his university days and that he was honored to be marrying her. He recalled that they both meet for the first time at a dinner party, and was introduced to her by a friend. For him, it was an instant love at first sight.

About 15 minutes, I gained the courage to ask for her phone number. Jeon Hye-jin was reluctant and I later heard she wasn’t interested.” But his perseverance made Jeon Hye-jin start to become fond of him. By 2008, they were thinking about marriage but hadn’t made any commitment yet. Finally in 2009, they agreed on marriage.

When we first considered marriage, we became anxious, so we decided to cool off and have some time alone. During that time, I became uneasy and thought that we could not be separated, I thought that although it was a passionate relationship starting with love at a first sight, we also had a sweet harmonious relationship for 6 and half years, and I knew I couldn’t break up with her. I laughed when I thought that and realized that I was going to have to marry her.”

Not soon after, their first child was born on November 2009 and his name is Lee Rook. On August 9, 2011 they had their second child named Lee Roon. They both are so cute and have grown up so much. Take a look at these photos of them:

lee sun kyun's sons
lee sun kyun's sons