Lee Sun-bin’s Boyfriend: Happily Dating Lee Kwang-soo and Her Ideal Type

Lee Sun-bin Boyfriend: Lee Sun-bin's Fancam in a Press Conference Promoting Her Drama
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Lee Sun-bin: The Singer-Turned-Actress Who Rose to Fame with Squad 38 and Missing 9

In the K-entertainment industry, Lee Sun-bin is known as the one who has a long career journey. She was an idol in a girl group once and featured in some music videos and commercial ads. Right now, she’s working actively as an actress.

Sun-bin made her debut as an actress in a historical drama titled Saint Wang Xizhi. Since then, her popularity in the K-drama industry has increased tremendously. Her acting career was widely known when she starred in Missing 9 and Squad 38. She recently starred with Kim Young-kwang in the 2021 movie Mission: Possible.

Because of her known roles in these dramas and the recent movie, you are probably wondering if the actress has been dating someone until today. So, if you’ve been wondering about this, then this article will satisfy your curiosity! Channel-Korea will give you a deeper insight into Lee Sun-bin’s dating life: her current boyfriend, her ideal type, her dating rumors, and more!

Lee Kwang-soo is Lee Sun-bin’s Current Boyfriend

Lee Sun-bin Boyfriend: Lee Sun-bin and Lee Kwang-soo's Photoshoots
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Lee Sun-bin is currently dating Lee Kwang-soo, one of the regular cast members of the popular series Running Man. They have been in a romantic relationship since 2018, and it seems like their relationship is getting stronger every day!

Sun-bin is known as someone who rarely shows off her love relationship on her SNS. However, on February 28th, 2021, Sun-bin uploaded an unusual photo on her account. In her live story, she uploaded a photo of her hand with a bracelet. Behind her hand, there’s a man’s hand who wears the same bracelet as Sun-bin’s. The photo is given a monkey and a heart emoticon, which means that the photo showed a glimpse of Sun-bin’s love life.

Lee Sun-bin Boyfriend: Lee Sun-bin's Instagram Story Contains a Photo of Her Hand and Lee Kwang-soo's Hand Wearing The Same Bracelets
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When Sun-bin posted the photo, people had speculated that the man inside the photo was Kwang-soo. Well, we can safely say that that man was really Kwang-soo, because he had been dating Sun-bin since 2018. On December 31st, 2018, Kwang-soo made an announcement through his agency that he and Sun-bin had been dating for five months.

The Lee-Lee couple first met while filming Running Man in September 2016. After filming, their relationship continued until they finally started dating. Before Kwang-soo released the 2018 confirmation, the couple had often flaunted their close relationship in front of their close friends. However, as they interact with their fans, both Kwang-soo and Sun-bin are quite secretive about their romantic relationship.

Lee Sun-bin’s Absence from Dating Rumors

Lee Sun-bin Boyfriend: Lee Sun-bin's Magazine Photoshoot
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When it comes to the K-entertainment industry, it’s not a secret anymore that many of our K-celebrities often get involved in scandalous dating rumors spread by their fans. These rumors are more common in Korean actors or actresses who play the role of falling in love with their partners in the dramas they’re starring in.

However, this reality doesn’t apply to Lee Sun-bin. Throughout her career as an actress, she has never been rumored of being in a romantic relationship with her co-stars. Although she has often played roles of falling in love with her partners, she has never gotten involved in such rumors, even once. Lee Sun-bin was rumored of dating a fellow artist for the first time with Lee Kwang-soo, her current boyfriend.

Lee Sun Bin’s Ideal Type

Lee Sun-bin Boyfriend: Lee Sun-bin's Togetherness with Lee Kwang-soo on a Scene in SBS's Reality Show Running Man in 2018
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Lee Sun-bin once told digital magazine View that Lee Kwang-soo is her ideal type. She admitted that she has become a very successful fan of Kwang-soo. She had been Kwang-soo’s fan since the Running Man era.

Sun-bin also added that she was very happy to date Kwang-soo because he was her ideal type. She was impressed and liked Kwang-soo’s sense of humor and fatherly figure. His humorous character managed to captivate Sun-bin’s heart. Kwang-soo also has an easy-going personality, which allows Sun-bin to feel comfortable with him. Sun-bin is very happy because Kwang-soo can perfectly fulfill her ideal type.

That’s all the information about Lee Sun-bin’s love life, especially about her relationship with Lee Kwang-soo. So, what do you think about the Lee-Lee couple? Do you feel that they can make their relationship last?

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