All About Senior Korean Actor Lee Soon-jae: Profile, Family, Wife, Son, Movies, and Drama List

Lee Soon-jae is a senior actor in the Korean entertainment industry. With over six decades of experience, Lee Soon Jae has become a notable example for all actors and actresses alike.


Lee Soon-jae

Name: Lee Soon-jae (이순재)

Birthdate: November 16th, 1934

Birthplace: Hoeryong, North Hamgyong Province, North Korea

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Zodiac: Libra

Education: Seoul National University- Bachelor of Psychology

Wife: Choi Hee-jung

Kids: 2 sons

Early Life and Family

Lee Soon-jae was born on November 16th, 1935, in the city Hoeryong of North Hamgyong Province, which is now a part of North Korea. In 1939, when he was four years old, he and his family moved to Seoul where his grandparents were living. In Seoul, he became the grandson of a real estate owner and the son of a soap producer and seller.

Lee was brought up in the neighborhood of Ahyeon-dong and was a smart kid ever since he was small. He graduated from Seoul High School and went on to one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea, Seoul National University. In university, he took psychology as his major and gained his bachelor’s degree.

At first, Lee Soon-jae wasn’t interested in becoming an actor, but after seeing Laurence Olivier in Shakespeare’s plays, he started to think of acting as a possible career path for himself. Lee Soon-jae received no professional training in acting whatsoever. Rather, he self-studied the art of acting by watching various characters on TV and practiced Korean vocabulary and pronunciation from a Korean dictionary.

Before his career in acting, Lee Soon-jae worked for a broadcasting company for a year. He was able to meet directors and uncover his passion for acting from this experience.

Other than acting, Lee Soon-jae has many other occupations. He gained a taste of politics by becoming a member of the 14th National Assembly. He served on the Assembly from 1992-1996. Although he eventually quit from the political scene, he still practices his advocacy by being an active part of the Korea Broadcasting Actors Union. He is also a chair professor at Gachon University. In between his busy schedule, he takes the time to teach acting to students.

Outside his life in front of the camera, his family is also managing well. He is married to Choi Hee-jung and has two sons to raise.

Drama Career

Lee Soon-jae

Lee Soon-jae started his acting career in 1962. He was working for a broadcasting company when he realized that getting money from a regular salary was not going to cut it for the life he wanted. He then asked actor-director Lee Hae-rang to give him a role in a drama series, which then started his professional acting career.

Lee Soon-jae started his acting career by starring in the 1962 KBS drama 나도 인간이 되련다. As an actor, he was notably seen climbing his way up through hard work. In his older works, he was seen mostly in supporting roles. Although most active throughout the 1960’s-1970’s, Lee Soon-jae was most famous for his roles in dramas starting from the 1990’s. Dramas such as What Is Love (1991) and Hur Jun (1999) were some of the dramas that he was most famous for.

In the 2000’s, he was known for starring in the drama High Kick (2007)a popular sitcom revolving around the life of the Lee family. In the drama, Lee Soon-jae acted as Lee Soon-jae, the head of the Lee family. As a veteran actor, Lee Soon-jae gained another level of fame throughout this drama. He even gained a new nickname, “Yadong (Porn) Soon-jae”, which he gained due to one of the scenes in the drama.

Recently, in 2015, he starred in the famous drama The Scholar Who Walks the Night. His latest drama was tvN’s Live (2018).

List of Dramas

Year English Title Korean Title Role Network
2018 Live 라이브 Lee Soon-Jae tvN
2017 Money Flower 돈꽃 Jang Kook-hwan MBC
2016 Dear My Friends 디어 마이 프렌즈 (cameo) tvN
2015 The Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비 King Hyeonjo MBC
Make a Woman Cry 여자를 울려 Kang Tae-hwan
Unkind Ladies 착하지 않은 여자들 Kim Chul-hee KBS2
2014 The King’s Face 왕의 얼굴 Baek Kyung
Drama Festival “Turning Point” 드라마 페스티벌 – 터닝포인트 Lee Soon-jae MBC
Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit 꽃할배 수사대 Lee Joon-hyuk tvN
2013 Potato Star 2013QR3 감자별 2013QR3 Noh Song
Ugly Alert 못난이 주의보 Na Sang-jin SBS
2012 Childless Comfort 무자식 상팔자 Ahn Ho-shik jTBC
Horse Doctor 마의 Ko Joo-man MBC
Late Blossom 그대를 사랑합니다 Kim Man-seok SBS Plus
The King 2 Hearts 더킹 투하츠 Eun Kyu-tae MBC
Korean Peninsula 한반도 Kang Dae-hyun TV Chosun
2011 A Thousand Kisses 천번의 입맞춤 Jang Byung-doo MBC
The Princess’ Man 공주의 남자 Kim Jongseo KBS2
My Princess 마이 프린세스 Park Dong-jae MBC
2010 Daemul 대물 Baek Sung-min SBS
Flames of Desire 욕망의 불꽃 Kim Tae-jin MBC
Coffee House 커피하우스 Seo Eun-young’s grandfather SBS
The Miracle of Love 사랑의 기적 cardiologist
Stars Falling from the Sky 별을 따다줘 Jung-gook
Master of Prescriptions 처방의 고수 MBC
2009 Father, Your Place 아버지, 당신의 자리 Lee Sung-bok SBS
High Kick Through the Roof 지붕뚫고 하이킥! Lee Soon-jae MBC
Children of Heaven 천국의 아이들 SBS
Queen Seondeok 선덕여왕 King Jinheung MBC
2008 I Love You, Don’t Cry 사랑해, 울지마 Han Gyu-il
Beethoven Virus 베토벤 바이러스 Kim Kap-yong
Mom’s Dead Upset 엄마가 뿔났다 Na Choong-bok KBS2
2007 Yi San 이산 King Yeongjo MBC
Love Isn’t Stop (segment: “Ex-lover”) 사랑은 쉬지 않는다 Sarangyeot KBS N
When Spring Comes 꽃피는 봄이 오면 Lee Jae-shik KBS2
2006 Unstoppable High Kick! 거침없이 하이킥! Lee Soon-jae MBC
The Vineyard Man 포도밭 그 사나이 Lee Byung-dal KBS2
2005 A Love to Kill 이 죽일놈의 사랑
Bride from Hanoi 하노이 신부 Song Il-ran’s father SBS
Princess Lulu 루루공주 Chairman Go Deok-soo
The Post Horse Curse
(HDTV Literature)
역마 KBS2
My Sweetheart, My Darling 어여쁜 당신 Jang Yoon-jae KBS1
2004 Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin 불멸의 이순신 Yi Hwang
The Land 토지 Teacher Kim SBS
The Age of Heroes 영웅시대 Chun Tae-san’s grandfather MBC
Hot Tropical Nights in December 12월의 열대야 Dr. Min Tae-joon SBS
Sweet 18 낭랑18세 Kwon Jin-sa KBS2
2003 Escape from Unemployment 백수탈출 Hwang Choon-beom SBS
A Problem at My Younger Brother’s House 흥부네 박터졌네 Park Man-bo
Pearl Necklace 진주 목걸이 Hwang Man-kap KBS2
My Fair Lady 요조숙녀 President SBS
2002 너희가 나라를 아느냐 Choi Ik-hyun MBC
Jang Hui-bin 장희빈 Song Siyeol KBS2
Hyun-jung, I Love You 현정아 사랑해 Kim Jae-hwa MBC
The Rustic Period 야인시대 Won Do-in SBS
Who’s My Love? 내사랑 누굴까 Kim Deok-bae KBS2
Present 선물 MBC
2001 Sangdo 상도 (商道) Park Joo-myung
Way of Living: Couple 이 부부가 사는 법 Ki In-jong SBS
Guardian Angel 수호천사 Chairman Kang Doo-shik
Orient Theater 동양극장 (東洋劇場) Wakejima KBS2
Still Love 그래도 사랑해 Park Hoe-jang SBS
2000 The Aspen Tree 은사시나무
Ajumma 아줌마 Jang Ki-baek MBC
I Want to Keep Seeing You 자꾸만 보고 싶네 Kim Eui-kyung SBS
Mr. Duke 신귀공자 President Jang MBC
1999 Hur Jun 허준 Yoo Ui-tae
The Last War 마지막 전쟁 Han Ji-soo’s father
Someone’s House 사람의 집 Shim (Joo-sa) KBS1
1998 The Solid Man 단단한 놈 National Treasure SBS
사랑밖엔 난 몰라 MBC
Panther of Kilimanjaro 킬리만자로의 표범 Professor Noh KBS2
The Era of the Three Kims 삼김시대 Yun Bo-seon SBS
See and See Again 보고 또 보고 Principal Park MBC
1997 불 붙은 난간 Jung Joon KBS
Only You 당신 뿐인데 Heo Jang-gap SBS
욕망 Song Il-young MBC
Palace of Dreams 꿈의 궁전 Ji Won-ho SBS
Because I Love You 사랑하니까
1996 Sometimes like Strangers 때로는 타인처럼 Chairman Park
Wonji-dong Blues 원지동 블루스 Choi Ik-sam KBS
1995 Korea Gate 코리아게이트 Yun Bo-seon SBS
Men of the Bath House 목욕탕집 남자들 Kim Bok-dong KBS2
1994 Ambition 야망 Woo Yeok-gwan MBC
1993 The 3rd Republic 제3공화국 Yun Bo-seon
How’s Your Husband? 댁의 남편은 어떠십니까? SBS
1991 Kyoto at 25 교토 25시 Chairman Ishida KBS
What is Love 사랑이 뭐길래 Lee Byung-ho MBC
The Wonders of Eastern Medicine 동의보감 Yoo Ui-tae
1990 파천무 Kim Jongseo KBS
Betrayal of the Rose 배반의 장미 Kim Won-il MBC
1989 Mt. Jiri 지리산 KBS1
천명 KBS
The 2nd Republic 제2공화국 Yun Bo-seon MBC
1987 사모곡 KBS
1986 그대의 초상
1985 Silver Rapids 은빛 여울
열망 Samchonri Industrial founder
1984 내 사랑 아직도 끝나지 않았네
겨울에 심은 나무 expert on liberation theology
TV’s Tale of Chunhyang TV 춘향전
1983 엄마는 바빠요
1982 산하
보통 사람들
Crisis 풍운 Heungseon Daewongun
1981 우리에게 축복의 기도를
Campfire 모닥불
The 1st Republic 제1공화국 Yun Bo-seon MBC
Two Women 두 여인 KBS
1980 아롱이 다롱이 TBC
1978 그리워 retired principal
1977 그건 그려
1976 천여화
1975 안개
1974 사나이들
인목대비 King Gwanghae
1973 University of Tokyo student Shin Sang-gu
연화 Min dae-gam
1972 관부연락선 Yoo Tae-rim
1970 고독한 길
Ajumma 아줌마 Jang-gu’s uncle
1966 Live As I Please 내 멋에 산다
Mister Bear 미스터 곰
1964 눈은 나리는데
1962 나도 인간이 되련다 KBS