The Story of Lee Soo-mi: Former Coed School Member and F-ve Dolls Leader Who Became a Bullying Victim

soomi coed school

Soomi gained her popularity as a K-Pop idol after her debut as a Coed School member as well as its subunit, F-ve Dolls. However, her journey as an artist wasn’t as fine as it seemed. In this article, Channel Korea will provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about her, so keep scrolling down!

Lee Soo-mi’s Full Profile

soomi coed school

Birth Name: Lee Soo-mi (이수미)

Stage Name: Soomi (수미)

Place and Date of Birth: Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, March 3rd, 1989

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Age: 31 years old

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Blood Type: A

Position: Leader, Rapper, Lead Vocalist

Years Active: 2009–present

Label: Core Contents Media, D-Business Entertainment

Associated With: SeeYa, Coed School, F-ve Dolls

Instagram: @leeseoan00

Lee Soo-mi’s Facts

soomi coed school
  • She initially debuted as a member of the girl group SeeYa.
  • She also joined an audition for SBS’s Young Jae Yook-sung Project in 2001 but she never became a trainee afterward.
  • Soomi used to be called Smile Soomi.
  • She loves shopping, watching movies, and collecting shoes.
  • Soomi went to the Korea Aerospace University and majored in Flight Operations.
  • She is also known as one of the most responsible members of Coed School.

Lee Soo-mi’s Debut as a Coed School Member

coed school

Soomi made her debut as a Coed School member in 2010 and successfully released “Too Late” and “Bbiribbom Bberibbom” as part of the group’s debut project. In Coed School, she was in charge as the group leader, lead vocalist, and rapper. Soomi revealed that it was quite hard for her to become the leader of Coed School since she used to be the youngest member of SeeYa. Nevertheless, she enjoyed her time as a Coed School member as well.

Coed School released their first mini-album Something That Is Cheerful and Fresh, which lead them to gain more recognition from people. Several months after their debut, the agency decided to divide Coed School into two subunits, namely SPEED and F-ve Dolls.

Lee Soo-mi: Active as a F-ve Dolls Member

f-ve dolls

Seeing the increase in popularity of Coed School, the agency divided the group into two subunits: one of them was F-ve Dolls. The girl group consisted of Soomi, Chanmi, Hyoyoung, Hyewon as well as added members Eunkyo, Nayeon, Seunghee, and Yeonkyung. Soomi was in charge as the leader and lead vocalist of F-ve Dolls.

While she was in F-ve Dolls, Soomi was the leader of the group. F-ve Dolls marked their debut with the release of “Lip Stains” and “I Mean You” in 2011. Soomi additionally increased her popularity with other members Chanmi, Hyoyoung, Hyewon, Nayeon, and Eunkyo. Due to the group’s popularity, the agency decided to make F-ve Dolls an independent group.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, Soomi decided to leave the group in 2012 along with Chanmi. Then the group added several new members such as Seunghee, Nayeon, Yeonkyung, as well as temporary members Shannon and Jihyun.

F-ve Dolls’ Lee Soo-mi’s Disbandment and Future Activity

soomi coed school

Coed School was inactive following the increase in popularity of SPEED and F-ve Dolls. Moreover, the agency decided not to continue the Coed School activities any longer. After Soomi decided to leave F-ve Dolls and Core Contents Media in 2012, she moved into D-Business Entertainment to become a solo singer as well as an actress. Meanwhile, F-ve Dolls was reportedly disbanded in 2014 after their agency was renamed MBK Entertainment. Currently, Soomi is known as an actress going by the stage name Lee Seo-an.

F-ve Dolls’ Lee Soo-mi’s Scandal: Becoming a Victim of Bullying

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In the course of her career journey, Soomi unfortunately, became a victim of bullying. It was reported that Soomi decided to leave the group because she wanted to pursue a solo career, and that was what was said by Core Contents Media at that time. Turns out, it wasn’t the only and real reason. Soomi was bullied by her groupmates Chanmi and Eunkyo while they were in F-ve Dolls together.

They were reportedly responsible for Soomi leaving the group. Not only that, but Eunkyo also tried to “make friends” with Soomi’s closest circle with the purpose to turn them against Soomi by spreading rumors about her, and somehow it worked. Eventually, Soomi wasn’t close to them any longer. Even though the agency told the public that Soomi wanted to pursue an acting career, many people still believe that she was actually bullied into leaving by her groupmates.


We have reached the end of the rundown of information about Soomi! Let’s keep on cheering her and hope every good thing would come towards her. Don’t forget to comment below about your favorite era of Soomi’s, in both Coed School and F-ve Dolls.