Lee Soo-man Formed the Ultimate Boy Band SUPER M As a Bridge Between The West And The East

Lee Sooman

Meet The One Who Has the Most Important Role In SM Entertainment, The Highest Agency In South Korea

He is Lee Soo-man, a South Korean record producer and executive best known as the founder of SM Entertainment, a global entertainment company based in Seoul, South Korea. He has also been referred to as the president of culture, as he was a pioneer of the Korean Wave. He founded SM Entertainment in 1989, which is now one of the largest record labels and management companies in South Korea.

SM Entertainment recently announced the launch of the new K-Pop group, Super M. The group will debut in America and its goal is to unite the Korean and American music industries. Capital Music Group and its independent label Caroline will promote the group in the United States. If you want to know about the details, you have to stay tuned to this article!

Lee Soo-man At Capitol Congress

Lee Sooman

At Capitol Congress, Lee Soo-man was there to make an announcement regarding Super M by Capitol Music Group’s Chairman and CEO Steve Barnett, who described the group as “The Avengers of K-Pop” and said it will focus on performance-based music with songs that highlight choreography.

In his interview with Billboard, when asked what the expectations for this project and why is this something SM wanted to pursue now, Lee Soo-man answered:

We keep describing them as “Avengers” because I think that’s the best conceptual analogy that will immediately be understood by others. Each Avenger has their own group and Iron Man has his own movie and Thor has his own but together they have an even greater synergy, so like that the members will pursue their own careers and own groups but also join together with synergy, a positive one.

The distinctive part of Super M is that it has its own conceptual world in it — K-Pop — just like how all the stories in The Avengers are linked we’re trying to make K-Pop storytelling go out to a bigger audience. It’s a new sort of team but they will be in their own teams still, of course. We’re trying to unite the fandoms. Fans, please don’t worry about it. We’ll make you all happy.

Reason Behind the Creation of SUPER M


Just recently, during the Capitol Congress 2019, which took place on Wednesday, August 7th in LA, SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo-man revealed:

“I was asked by Capitol Music CEO Steve Barnett to produce a new team that would display the strongest synergy between the West and the East recently. That is the reason why Super M was born. Super M is a group that consists of exceptional seven artists and will be releasing quality music that stands out. Through dance, vocals, rap, and fashion, the group will define the core values of K-Pop.”

Taking Lee Soo-man’s statement into account, it can be assumed that the idea of Super M forming was actually not entirely SM Entertainment’s but from Capitol Music. It seems that the US record label has plans involving K-Pop’s current popularity in the US music market.

And given that all the members of Super M are individuals who can all deliver what Lee Soo-man mentioned which were vocals, choreography, fashion, and overall visuals, fans probably don’t have much to worry about in terms of future releases.

SUPER M Member Formation

Super M

Super M’s members have been assembled from some of the most popular K-Pop acts in the world. Super M has seven members, and all of the members are from already established groups under SM Entertainment. The group consists of Taemin from SHINee, Taeyong and Mark from NCT, Baekhyun and Kai from EXO, and Ten and Lucas from WayV. Out of the groups, SHINee is the oldest under SM Entertainment and first debuted in 2008. Conversely, WayV is a Chinese subunit of NCT and did not debut until January 2019. EXO is one of the most popular K-Pop groups in South Korea and originally debuted in 2012. NCT debuted in 2016.

All of the members of Super M are in their twenties. Baekhyun is the oldest member and is 27 years old, while Mark and Lucas are only 20 years old. Taemin is 26 years old, Kai is 25 years old, Taeyong is 24 years old, and Ten is 23 years old.

Lee Soo-man also revealed: “Through Super M, we are planning to show a maximized SMP, a unique content I created which stands for SM Music Performance. We will also show you a new level of SMP, which represents the intense music and awe-inspiring performances that the current global K-Pop fans love and enjoy.

SuperM will give the global music fans an ultimate feeling of catharsis through the synergy and spectacular performance of the seven members.”

CMG CEO Steve Barnett also said, “Super M is uniquely positioned to become the highest-profile U.S. debut of a K-Pop group in the history of this phenomenon.”

Latest News


Made up of SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai and Baekhyun, and NCT’s Taeyong, Mark, Ten, and Lucas, this group is not a project group or a temporary unit, according to SME. The group will promote as a permanent brand of its own, expected to debut this coming October in the U.S.

Super M will officially launch in the US in October 2019 with the group’s first music releases and debut US live performances.

Watch below to see their teaser prologue!

Are you excited to see Super M debut as “The Avengers of K-Pop?”