Full Profile of Korean Actress Lee Soo-kyung: Profile, Boyfriend, and Drama List

lee soo-kyung

Meet Beautiful Actress Lee Soo-kyung

Known for her fit body and youthful face, Lee Soo-kyung is also regarded as one of South Korea’s best well-rounded actresses. She started her career in 2003 as a model, and her latest drama is Left-handed Wife as Oh San-ha. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Lee Soo-kyung’s profile, her early life, the beginning of her career, bikini photos, and her love life. So, stay tuned!

Lee Soo-kyung’s Profile

Lee Soo-kyung

Name: Lee Soo-kyung (이수경)

Birthdate: March 13th, 1982

Birthplace: Seoul South Korea

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Blood Type: A

Zodiac: Pisces

Education: Dongduk Women’s University- Broadcasting and Entertainment

Entertainment Company: Snowball Entertainment – Echo Global Group

Lee Soo-kyung’s Pre-Debut and Early Life

Lee Soo-Kyung

Lee Soo-kyung, born on March 13th, 1982, was born into an upper-class family. Her family’s healthy upbringing led her towards her love of fitness and healthy diets. Due to her love for a healthy lifestyle, she is able to maintain a fit body up even in her thirties.

Her love for the performing arts grew ever since her middle school days, and after realizing her love for performing, she decided to become an actress. In her high school days, she joined the theater and became a fine-tuned actress because of it. Her love for performing eventually led her to enroll in Dongduk Women’s University, and she received her bachelor degree in broadcasting and entertainment.

During her college days, Lee Soo-kyung modeled for several magazines and did photo shoots for many other publications. Not forgetting her initial dream, she auditioned for parts in dramas, albeit having a period where she struggled with her self-confidence.

Lee Soo-kyung’s Career: Movies and Dramas

Lee Soo-kyung started her career as a commercial model in 2003. In the same year, she started her career in the acting industry by playing supporting roles in dramas. Her first drama was MBC’s Lovers (2003). She first received attention after starring in the drama Dear Heaven in 2005 by playing the role of Gu Seul-ah, the sister of the male lead character. Her notable acting eventually led her to the role of Hwa-ran in the movie Tazza: The High Roller (2006) which became the 2nd best-selling film of 2006.

Lee Soo-kyung received her first lead role on the drama Soulmate (2006). In the drama, she plays the role of Soo-kyung and is able to portray a perfect combination for a serious and comical character. Although receiving high praises for her role in the drama, neither the drama nor she received any nominations that year.

However, her big break came a year later through the drama Daughters-in-Law (2007). The KBS2 drama received many nominations and awards at the year-end ceremonies. Through the character Jo Mi-jin, Lee Soo-kyung was able to snatch two of the nominations from the 2007 KBS Drama Awards, Best New Actress and Best Couple Award, which she won with her on-screen partner Kim Ji-hoon.

Recently, she starred in tvN’s highly rated What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018). In the drama, she acted as the young Madam Choi, the mother of the male lead character.

Lee Soo-kyung’s Drama List

Year Title Role Network
2003 Span Drama “Lovers” MBC
2004 You’ll Find Out Song Na-kyung KBS2
2005 Dear Heaven Gu Seul-ah SBS
2006 MBC Best Theater “통정” Pil-jeong MBC
Soulmate Soo-kyung
2007 Daughters-in-Law Jo Mi-jin KBS2
2008 Lawyers of the Great Republic of Korea Woo Yi-kyung MBC
2009 Loving You a Thousand Times Go Eun-nim SBS
2010 My Country Calls Oh Ha-na KBS2
Daemul Jang Se-jin SBS
2011 Can’t Lose Eun Hee-soo (guest, ep 3-5) MBC
You’re Here, You’re Here, You’re Really Here Bae Soo-jin MBN
Color of Woman Hwang Jin-joo Channel A
2013 Pots of Gold Min Sung-eun MBC
Let’s Eat Lee Soo-kyung tvN
2015 A Daughter Like You Ma In-sung MBC
2016 My Little Baby Han Ye-seul
Hey Ghost, Lets Fight Shin Soo-kyung (ep 9-10) tvN
Father, I’ll Take of You Han Jeong-eun MBC
2018 What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim young Madam Choi tvN

Lee Soo-kyung’s List of Movies

Year Title Role Notes
2005 Wet Dreams 2 Wedding guest who catches the bride’s bouquet
2006 Tazza: The High Rollers Hwa-ran
2007 Rainbow Eyes Cha Su-jin
2008 Romantic Island Choi Soo-jin
2009 Triangle Han Ji-young Telecinema
2011 Share the Vision Min-kyung 4D music video film

Hot Bikini Body of Lee Soo-kyung

Lee Soo-kyung Cosmopolitan

Although already in her thirties, Lee Soo-kyung is well known for her fit and glamorous body. Due to her love of Pilates and healthy eating, Lee Soo-kyung is able to maintain her model body.

Her glamorous body contracted her with Kellogs, a famous cereal brand, for four years. From 2009 until 2012, Lee Soo-kyung modeled for Kellogs, serving the public her S-line figure. Nearly every summer, she dresses in a bikini or jeans that show her slim waist.

Lee Soo-kyung Kellogs

In 2013, she explicitly showed her body in a bikini photoshoot with the fashion magazine Cosmopolitan. In the 2013 July issue of Cosmopolitan, Lee Soo-kyung dressed up in a flower print bikini with wedge high heels which accentuated her long legs.

Lee Soo-kyung Cosmopolitan

Her photo shoot with Cosmopolitan created a big buzz in many online communities as she successfully showed a sexier side of herself.

Lee Soo-kyung’s Boyfriend

Being in the industry for so long has made the public curious about Lee Soo-kyung’s current relationship. Her name has been mentioned several times with the name of her co-star Kim Ji-hoon, who she won the 2007 KBS Drama Awards’ Best Couple with. She has also been mentioned with Shin Dong-wook, her co-star in the drama Soulmate.

Recently, on May 2nd, 2016, Lee Soo-kyung disclosed that she is in a relationship. The representative of her agency, Snowball Entertainment, revealed that she is dating a younger man who is an employee at a company. It has been revealed, too, that her boyfriend is not an entertainer. The news of their relationship came out after their relationship hit the three-month mark.

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