Lee Soo-hyuk’s Wife: Dating Rumor, Ex-Girlfriends, Ideal Type, etc.

lee soo-hyuk wife

Who’s Ever Dating The Fierce Visual Model and Actor, Lee Soo-hyuk?

Lee Soo-hyuk is a South Korean model and actor. He ever appeared in the drama Doom At Your Service’ which highlighted his charisma and talent. During his career in this industry, Lee Soo-hyuk has some dating rumors. Lee Soo-hyuk is not married yet but has already broken up with their ex-girlfriend, Kim Min-hee. Check details of Lee Soo-hyuk relationship, dating, and ideal type on this Channel-Korea! Stay tuned!

Lee Soo-hyuk is Single and Has Not Married Yet


Lee Soo-hyuk is single and currently not married yet. So, Lee Soo-hyuk has no wife. However, throughout his career in the entertainment industry, Lee Soo-hyuk has a dating history and dating rumors with his co-star. Whether it’s true or not, read more details below.

Lee Soo-hyuk’s Ex-Girlfriends: Kim Min-hee


He dated Kim Min-hee, a famous Korean actress. This is the only official relationship of him that is known in public. They went out together casually during their relationship so that everyone could be spotted them. Lee Soo-hyuk and Kim Min-hee met in 2008. This relationship also helps each one more popular in the industry.

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They started dating in July 2008. However, the relationship only lasted two years. Their agency stated that the reason behind the breakup is because of busy schedules. Later on, Kim Min-hee has a new boyfriend, Zhao Inseong.

Lee Soo-hyuk’s Dating Rumor


The actor and model, originally from Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province, has a supporting family in his career. Lee Soo-hyun also has many good friends, celebrities, and non-celebrity, which could bring dating rumors. Here are all of Lee Soo-hyuk’s dating rumors!

Lee Soo-hyuk with Goo Ha-ra


His relationship with Goo Ha-ra is quite fishy at that time. Although their agencies denied their dating rumor, the fact is quite actual. The dating rumor of Lee Soo-hyuk and Goo Ha-ra started when they were in Japan at the same time. It is rumored that they went on vacation together. Goo Ha-ra was one of the girl group members, KARA, and died on November 24, 2019.


Their agencies reported that they are only friends and treat each other like brother and sister. Lee Soo-hyuk went to Japan for personal stuff and just met Goo Ha-ra because she is also in Japan. Which one is true, we never know.

Lee Soo-hyuk with Shin Do-hyun After K-Drama ‘Doom At Your Service’


Lee Soo-hyuk played one of the leading roles in the Doom at Your Service drama. He met Shin Do-hyun and he often had a sweet scenes with her. Doom at Your Service is a drama with a love triangle between Lee Soo-hyuk, Shink Do-hyun, and Kang Tae-oh. He played Cha Joo-ik who is an interesting and forward character.

Because of this drama, Lee Soo-hyuk got a rumor about dating his co-star. He always appreciates and compliments Shin Do-hyun’s acting. He treats her well off-screen and on-screen. It looks like they are only friends and good professional actors. Their chemistry in this drama builds up their dating rumor. What do you think about this rumor?

Lee Soo-hyuk’s Thought About His Ideal Type: No Characteristic


Talking about his ideal type, Lee Soo-hyuk has no details. He often said, “I don’t know” when asked about his ideal type. He revealed that he is the person who can always change the answer when asked about something he likes.

Lee Soo-hyuk might not have an ideal type or just can’t stick to the specific type. Additionally, if you want to know about Lee Soo-hyuk’s activity, check his Instagram here. Which rumor dating do you think it’s true? Put your comment and share your thoughts on this Channel-Korea. Keep supporting Lee Soo-hyuk’s career in the future!