After 3 Years of Marriage, Lee So-yeon and Husband Divorce! What Happened?


All About Actress Lee So-yeon’s Divorce &¬†Husband

In the celebrity world, we’ve gone over all kinds of marriages: celebrities who eloped, celebrities who married late, celebrities who married young, celebrities who married their fans, and even the celebrity marriages you totally forgot about.

A whirlwind romance of just a few months led to a lavish wedding, which led to a quick divorce for Lee So Yeon and her non-celebrity husband. Just three years after their wedding news, Lee So Yeon reportedly filed for divorce. What’s the reason behind it?

Now, it’s time to talk about Lee So Yeon’s marriage that couldn’t make it to the 4th year!

Actress Lee So Yeon’s Short Marriage of 3 Years


Short-lived marriages aren’t entirely uncommon, but unlike us ‘normal folk’, famous people don’t get the luxury of privacy during divorces and annulments. That means that the entire world knows when, why, and how they decide to call it quits.¬†Marriage isn’t easy. After three years of devotion, Lee So Yeon and her non-celebrity husband went their separate ways. Netizens reacted sadly to the news of the divorce, as Lee Soo Yeon previously showed deep affection for her husband on a TV program, saying, “I was impressed by my letter at the proposal” and “It is a man who compensates for my shortcomings“.

The agency cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason, and asked that the couple’s privacy be respected. Her agency responded, “Hello, this is actress Lee So Yeon’s agency, King Entertainment. We want to firstly apologize for worrying everyone who loves and supports Lee So Yeon with not so great news, and are making an announcement about reports of Lee So Yeon’s divorce. Currently, Lee So Yeon is filing for mutual divorce because of a difference in personality. The two will be walking separate roads but they support each other, and it is a decision they came to after long considerations and abundant talks. We sincerely ask to refrain from making hate comments and making guessed reports on the reason why. Anything other than this is her personal life, so please understand that we cannot check any more details. Lee So Yeon will focus on her activities as an actress, and promise to come back soon.”