Are You Curious About Lee Si-young’s Secret To A Slim Body? Check Out The Details!

Every Woman’s Inspiration To Get The Perfect Body Shape

Lee Si-young-이시영

In the digital pictorial images with Cosmopolitan, Lee Si-young unveiled her beauty know-how with her smooth skin secrets and blemishes. Lee Si-young, who starts every morning with an exercise, is not only boxing but also jumping rope, jogging, and playing table tennis recently.

In this filming concept, Lee Si-young showed different charms by wearing a manny suit that was opposite to the white dress that fits the body. Lee Si-young said, “The true beauty is not for the eyes of others, but for oneself.”

Lee Si-young

In one interview in a fashion magazine, actress Lee Si-young attracted the audience’s attention by delivering her own ‘ritual challenges’. Lee Si-young revealed she chose morning running as the key to maintaining her beauty, “I run almost every day,” she said, “It’s how I love myself and my body and mind are healthy.”

“If you play every day and take a day off, you can appreciate the honey-like rest of the day, and that’s also happiness.” “I can’t say no to the thrill of running.”

In addition, “I’m involved in an age-related job because of the actor’s job, but it’s my energy to change and challenge to the idea that you can do anything,” she said. “Don’t hesitate to challenge.”

Lee Si-young who kept hiking even though it was winter, where the track was covered in snow at that time.

Lee Si-young routinely does her workout routine even though she already has a perfect body, for her to maintain a healthy body is the most important.

Her workout routine doesn’t make her lazy to work, Lee Si-young is still actively starring in various dramas and films. Time constraints don’t make her forget to exercise.

Lee Si-young needed discipline and strong will to be able to get her current body, starting with discipline for the small things that happen almost every day, making her have the habit to always maintain her health. Many idols or other actresses give their diet tips and there may be some that include ‘extreme diets’ in order to get the ideal body. But through Lee Si-young we learn that the ideal body is actually a healthy body, that health is far more important than anything else. Therefore, let’s together maintain our diet and start exercising so our bodies become healthier, and let’s always look forward to and support Lee Si-young’s work whether it’s drama or movie or anything else in the future and always wish for the best for her and her family!