Get Closer to “Boys Before Flower” Actress Lee Si-young (Profile, Husband, Plastic Surgery, Movies, etc)

Lee Si-young’s Sex Tape Rumor

On June 2015, Lee and her company, J-Wide Company, filed a lawsuit against the person who allegedly spread a rumor on the internet. The rumor said that the company abused its authority to force Lee to participate in a sex video and causing her to attempt suicide. The company was dumbfounded by this rumor and decided to take legal steps. Then, prosecution started to investigate the people behind this rumor. It turns out, the people behind this rumor was a magazine reporter. SNS and their phone, were submitted as the evidence. However, it turns out there are many people are involved in this and chat room evidence on KakaoTalk had been erased. In August 2015, Prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for the reporter who started the rumor. Park (36), OO (36), OO (31), OO (31), the people behind this rumor, were fined 3 million won.


Lee Si-young’s Plastic Surgery

After appearing in the show We Got Married, people started to accused her for having plastic surgery. On the show Knee Drop Guru, Lee admitted it coolly and honestly because people can obviously tell that she has works done. She also revealed that she got plastic surgery at the age of 23. After that, she never got any work again. It seems she got her jaw, nose, and eyelid done. Here’s her pre-debut photos.


Here’s her after photos:


Lee Si-young’s Trivia

  • After giving birth, Lee started making breast milk soap because it has many good benefits. When Seungri of BIGBANG visited her in the show I Live Alone, she gifts him the soap and became talk of the town.
  • Lee was paired with Jay Park in the show Music and Lyrics.
  • Lee made her debut at the age of 26. This counts as a late debut for an actress.
  • Lee enjoys arranging flowers. She often shows her works on her instagram.
  • Lee finished a marathon race when she was six months pregnant.