Get Closer to “Boys Before Flower” Actress Lee Si-young (Profile, Husband, Plastic Surgery, Movies, etc)

A day before her wedding, her agency, Huayi Brothers, released her pre-wedding photos.

On January 7, 2018, their first child was born in healthy condition. In the segment TV show, I Live Alone, Seungri of BIGBANG give her baby a pair of shoes as a present. She turns out to be Seungri’s next door neighbor. Also in the same show, Lee revealed her baby’s photo for the first time.


Lee Si-young’s Career

Acting Career

Debuting with drama The City Ghost: Deja Vu Season 13, Lee’s name started getting more attention after starring in the remake Japanese drama Hana Yori Dango, Boys Before Flowers as a supporting character, but her name didn’t quite become recognizable. Her name started to gain attention in the mainstream media after appearing in the show We Got Married with Shinhwa Junjin. At that time, she was only a year into debut. Other than Boys Before Flowers, she also starred in another Japan remake drama, Playful Kiss, in 2010.

The actress had undergone a big change with the drama Wild Romance. Also this drama was marked as her first time to act as the main character. She cut her hair and permed it because the character is an arrogant baseball athlete. Despite the drama getting low ratings, this drama caught people’s attention because of her and Lee Dong Wook’s acting. Lee’s other drama, Valid Love, which aired in 2014, also received attention from the public. Her character, Kim Il Ri, is a woman who cheated on her husband. The story tells about couple’s hardship to find their love again. This drama even aired in Vietnam and Malaysia exclusively. For now, Lee is currently starring in the drama Risky Romance with the actor Ji Hyun Woo. Previously, they already met in the drama Becoming a Billionaire. This drama will be marked as her first drama after giving birth.

Lee’s debut movie is Five Senses of Eros that released in 2009. She appeared in the segment Believe in the Moment and The 33rd Man. In the same year, she got cast in the movie The Righteous Chief and became Lee Beom Soo’s love interest. Her breakthrough in the movie industry is with her appearance in the movie Meet the In-Laws. This time, she became the main character along with male actor Song Sae Byeok. This movie was the ninth best-selling Korean film in 2011.

Not only doing genres in comedy-romance, Lee also acted in the horror movie. Her first horror movie was Killer Toon and success in the box office. The movie was successful and had sold more than one million tickets. After it released, the movie was placed in second place, being beaten by a Hollywood movie, World War Z.

Lee Si-young’s Boxing Career

Not only excellent in acting and singing, Lee also become an amateur boxing athlete. She started to get to know boxing because of a role she was cast in a drama. Even though the drama was called off, she continued training. Her coach is Hong Soo Hwan, a former WBA bantamweight and super bantamweight champion in the 1970s. Her manager, Jung Kwang Sung, told reporters about her boxing career.

“I can’t remember when she put the gloves because she didn’t do it for fun, like hobby.” said Jung.

Her agency worried that she might get hurt. However, they respected her decision and support her for another match. They think, it’s better for her to caught up with boxing rather than drinking. In December 2010, she won for the first time in the KBI National Style Athletics Boxing Championship in Women’s 50 kg category. While she was filming the movie Meet the In-Laws, she had to move back and forth from Andong to Seoul just for practice and promoting the movie at the same time. Hong Soo Hwan expresses his thoughts about Lee’s boxing career.

“Lee has a great body for a boxer in 48 kg category. If she trains full time, it’s possible for her to compete in the Olympics.”

In 2013, Lee joined Incheon City boxing team. This had become a big step for her to join the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. She joined the team after getting a recommendation from the Incheon Sports Council. They decided to scout her after they saw her potential in the 66th National Amateur Boxing Championship. She moved to Incheon so she could fully focus on her training. Sadly, Lee had to undergo surgery for slipped disk and suffered from a knee injury. Lee also was supposed to represent Korea to compete at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Jenairo, Brazil. But, because of her injuries, including a dislocated shoulder, she was forced her to retire from boxing. Even though she retired, she still enjoys boxing as sport, just not for competition.


The 14th Bucheon International Cartoon Festival (2011)

6th Gyeonggi-do Children’s Youth Honorary Public Ambassador (2011)

Incheon Asian Games Ambassador (2014)

Incheon City Hall’s Boxing Department (2013)

Incheon Social Welfare Community Chest Promotion Ambassador (2013)