Get Closer to “Boys Before Flower” Actress Lee Si-young (Profile, Husband, Plastic Surgery, Movies, etc)

Lee Si-young’s Personal Life

Lee is the second child out of three siblings. She has one brother and one sister. Lee spent her education in Seoul Moonjung Elementary School, Gawon Middle School, Ogum High School, and Dongduk Women’s University Department of Costume Design. Since she was a child, she has been a tomboy, a who likes to do non-traditionally feminine activities. When Lee had spent nine years in countryside, her dad had said that she would be fighting with boys. As for dating, Lee revealed that she always seems to date a bad boy. Her ex boyfriend was caught cheating on her with other girl. So, this time, her family asked her to meet someone that is similar to her, including the economic part.


Lee’s hobby is playing with model toys, including Gundam. In an interview with Men’s Health magazine in 2010, Lee revealed that her hobby started when she didn’t have many jobs during her early debut time. For her, she enjoys the process of making the character. Because of her figure collection, Lee got called an ‘otaku’ (a nerd) but she thought she is just collecting figures, not because her obsession for a character. However, she showed her knowledge about figurines in some shows, even collecting all the characters. Well, Lee Si-young seems to like Gundam so much!

In early 2009, Lee was filming the reality show We Got Married with Junjin, a member of the boy band Shinhwa. In the show, Lee was in fake marriage with Junjin and both gained the nickname of Gundam Couple because she likes to play with Gundam. They got “married” on January 30, 2009 and her appearance started as a couple on the lunar special. Lee was famous for being a pushover to Junjin because of her tomboy personality. Then, they got “divorced” on May 3, 2009, due to the program’s restructure.

After the show ended, they both were confirmed to be dating each other and became the first couple to date each other outside the show. However, they broke up on September 9 after dating for 6 months. From both sides didn’t give any further information about their break up.


In September 2016, Lee was reported dating with a businessman and older than her. Her company confirmed the news and when it came out. At the time they’ve been dating for only about a month. After finishing filming the drama Lookout in 2017, Lee announced her pregnancy and her wedding plan on her instagram. When she announced her pregnancy, she was about 14 weeks pregnant. At first, she wasn’t aware of her pregnancy while filming the drama. For the sake of drama, Lee and her family decided to keep her pregnancy as a secret to not making any damage to the production tram. During filming, she had to do wire scenes and action scenes.

Her unawareness with the baby’s arrival make her relatives worried. In the show Swan Club, she revealed that she even got shot on her stomach and turned out to be the baby’s face. Luckily, the baby grow healthily without any problem.

Her husband-to-be is a businessman named Jo Seung Hyun who is nine years older than her. Jo is a restaurateur who is running Yeongchon Movie, Salad Young Restaurant, and American golf wear brand “Iliac Golf’. They got married on September 30, 2017, at a hotel in Seoul. People from entertainment industry came to her wedding, such as TV personality Jun Hyun Moo, who become the MC for the event, actor Jung Bo Suk, who became the officiator, and Gummy, Huh Gak, and DJ DOC, who become the wedding singers. The event was attended only by family and friends. Here are some photos from their wedding.