Funny Moments with Lee Si-young on ‘Running Man’

Funny Moments With Lee Si Young

Lee Si-young, who was born on April 17, 1982, is a South Korean actress and amateur boxer. She took up the sport in her late 20s, and often has to fight opponents who are much more experienced and younger than she is. Even so, in just three years, Lee has established herself in the sport by winning a number of amateur titles in the 48-kg class.

At the beginning, she took up boxing early in 2010, to prepare for her role as a female boxer in a TV drama for MBC. She began training with Hong Soo-hwan, a former WBA bantamweight, and super bantamweight champion. After the drama finished, she had learned to love boxing, and kept up with it when filming was over.

On Ferbruary 3rd, the actress was a guest on SBS’s ‘Running Man’. She and the MMA fighter Chu Sung Hoon appeared on the show’s ‘fighter special’. She was known as the strongest guest on Running Man. The cast members couldn’t hide their excitement, but at the same time they also a little nervous.

Lee Si Young showed no signs of slowing down even, though filming began early in the morning, and with her excitement and competitive drive, she had the cast marveling at her determination. She even built up a funny moment in the games.

At a moment where they were playing a game of mud wrestling, where representatives of two different teams had to wrestle each other in the mud. The funny thing is that Lee Si Young, who is known to be strong, was paired against Kwang Soo, who has a small body.

Kwang Soo looked surprised, like he couldn’t believe that he had to fight Lee Si Young. When the game started, Kwang Soo lifted Si Young, but the funny thing is that Kwang Soo  holding Si Young up turned out to lead to an unforeseen ‘attack’ to Kwang Soo’s “intimate” part. This made the other guests cast members laugh. Even after the incident, Si Young innocently asked what happened, as if she didn’t realize what she had accidentally done, asking “what do I do?”

After that, they moved to the next game called “cushion quiz game”. Before the game got going, Jae-suk and Suk-jin teased Shi-young about her amateur boxing status, pretending to throw a few jabs in the air. She nearly buried her head in embarrassment. For the new game, they had to answer a question by rolling forward, using the wheeled table they were edsitting on, and then put a name to answer the question. Before the game starts, knowing Jae Suk was sitting next to Si Young, Jae Suk warned Kwang Soo, who was also sitting beside her, “You have to be careful, because Si Young can hit you” and Kwang Soo answered “Right”, but Si Young dodged by saying that she would never do that.

But, in reality, when the first question came out and the count of three was quickly announced, Si Young stepped forward while hitting Jae Suk and Kwang Soo beside her, to help her move forward quickly. Kwang Soo fell backward, and didn’t think that Si Young would push him by elbowing his face. Si Young and the other cast members all laughed.

It happened again during the second question. Si Young hit Kwang Soo again in the neck, which made Jae Suk tell the PD that Si Young needed to be punished because Jae Suk and Kwang Soo can’t even move forward to answer the question, because Si Young keeps pushing them behind her and hit them in the neck. Si Young was too forceful making her way up to the front.

The game continued, and when the third question was announced Ha ha immediately ran forward and gave the right answer, winning for his team. Si Young couldn’t accept Ha Ha winning, so she started earnestly protesting the way Haha pronounced the word that was the answer for the third question. The PD and other cast member started laughing when they were listening to the way Si Young was protesting Ha Ha’s team’s victory. Jae-suk and Kwang-soo complained that they were hit numerous times, and she just looked up at them with puppy-dog eyes. Jong-kook came to both of the guys defense, and that was the end of it.

Mr. PD acknowledged that her actions weren’t outside of the rules, and Si-young turned to Jae-suk and said, “You can hit me too!”, but neither of the guys think they’re going to be able to hit a guest, let alone a girl.

Watching the many funny moments Lee Si Young made during the reality show, she was praised for jumping into the action of the competition without hesitation.

Lee Si Young said, in response to the praise, “I’m thankful for the compliments from everyone. I know that the whole concept of ‘Running Man’ is to compete for the win of the gamse. The director must’ve looked forward to some of that concept of my appearance on the show when he invited me. That’s why I worked even harder.” 

And she went on, “In Yoo Jae Suk’s case, he’s someone who tries to make the guests and those around him shine. Even before we start filming, he gave me advice about what I should do. It’s been a while since I’ve filming a variety show, and I think I may have wrestled too competitively.” She also added that she had no intention of becoming a fixed member on a variety show.

We hope that she changes her mind!