Lee Si-young’s Love Story: Her Wealthy Husband’s Profile, Wedding, Son

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Lee Si-young’s and Her Husband’s Love Story

Did you know that the rising actress Lee Si-young is married and already has a husband? Some of you might not know yet, but don’t worry, Channel-Korea has provided a detailed rundown of information regarding that matter!

Lee Si-young herself is one of the famous actresses who has starred in various dramas such as Boys Over Flowers, Lookout, Sweet Home, and more. Her sudden marriage news somehow surprised people and made them excited at the same time. Do you want to know more about her married life and how she met her husband? Let’s get to know Lee Si-young’s husband and their love story, here!

Lee Si-young and Her Husband Met Through Mutual Friends

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Just like a scene in a romantic K-Drama, Lee Si-young and Cho Seong-hyun (her husband) met through mutual friends. Since then, the two of them started dating in August 2016. Although the two of them have different jobs and different worlds, their relationship is strong. This was proven by the fact the two of them eventually got married and are still together now.

Lee Si-young Announced Her Marriage in 2017

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In 2017, Lee Si-young finally announced her marriage to Cho Seong-hyun. Previously, her agency had denied the wedding rumors multiple times. But all of a sudden, the actress announced the marriage herself through her Instagram account, @leesiyoung38.

“I have decided to marry the person I love this coming fall. I decided to announce my marriage quickly because I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant,” she wrote on her Instagram. Furthermore, the actress explained that she found out that she was pregnant while filming Lookout.

lee si young husband

Although she eventually found out about that condition, she continued filming until the end, then discussed the condition with her family after that. And as a conclusion, she and her partner decided to get married as soon as possible. The couple officially married in September 2017 and their wedding ceremony took place in a hotel in Seoul, South Korea.

Lee Si-young’s Husband’s Identity: He Is an Entrepreneur

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Since Lee Si-young’s husband is a non-celebrity, his personal information isn’t that much. However, there are a few details regarding her husband, one of them is that Lee Si-young’s husband is an entrepreneur.

As we have mentioned earlier, his name is Cho Seong-hyun. He is a franchise restaurant owner and is well-known as a rich person. It has also been revealed that his annual salary is approximately around 2.2 million USD.

Well, no wonder, since Cho Seong-hyun has built his business ever since he was in his 20s. Currently, he also owns other F&B businesses such as a rooftop bar, and he even opened up a salad shop for his lovely wife.

Lee Si-young and Her Husband Welcoming Their First Child in January 2018

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After several months of their marriage, Lee Si-young and her husband finally welcomed their first child. In January 2018, Lee Si-young gave birth to a son. At that time, the agency also explained that Lee Si-young and her baby are both healthy and well.

As time goes by, both Lee Si-young and Cho Seung-hyun have been enjoying their new life as parents despite their busy schedules. Through MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View, Lee Si-young made an appearance with her adorable son, Jung Yoon. According to Lee Si-young and her manager, Jung Yoon always speaks nicely and can communicate very well with other children his age.

lee si young son

It was because Jung Yoon loves to read and has a great vocabulary. “He started speaking early because he loves books. He usually talks with certain vocabularies that he has read from the book,” she explained.

That’s everything about Lee Si-young‘s husband and her married life. Overall, her love story is like a fairytale K-Drama in real life, and we wish nothing but eternal happiness for Lee Si-young and her little family!

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