Lee Si-young Goes Under the Knife?


Beautiful Actress Lee Si-young

Do you know Lee Si-young from Boys Over Flowers (2009) as Oh Min-ji? Lee Si-young (hangul: 이시영) is known for her roles in various drama and movies. The actress, who starred in the drama Lookout (2017), was born as Lee Eun-rae, and was born in Cheongwon County, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea on April 17, 1982. She made her debut in 2008 as a guest appearance on Super Action TV Season 3 Urban Legends Déjà vu, followed by taking a role in the historical drama The Kingdom of The Winds.

Lee Si-young is getting attention after she showed up in public and admitted that she once had plastic surgery. Most celebrities in South Korea hide the truth if they have plastic surgery because of the concern of getting blocked or accused from entertainment industry.

Let’s get to know more about Lee Si-young’s plastic surgery and her transformation from debut era until latest appearance below!

Did Lee Si-young Have Plastic Surgery?

No one would know that Lee Si-young had any procedure done, since her appearance looks very natural. It’s not a secret anymore that South Korea is known for plastic surgery treatments. Many people have procedures done to to improve their appearance, and they mostly do it because they don’t have any confidence for their previous looks.

Meanwhile, Lee Si-young had her surgery a long time ago, before she debuted in entertainment industry. The actress, who starred in Playful Kiss (2010) as Yoon Hae-ra, appeared as a guest on a recent episode of ‘Knee Drop Guru’ and revealed that she had a cosmetic procedure done quite a while ago. When the MC asked her about the rumors of her having had surgery, Lee Si-young confirmed it was a fact, saying


“It was true that I went on a plastic surgery as the old photos of mine has surfaced on public. As you can see from the comparison of my old photos, I have a different facial shape right now.” Lee Si-young

The Transformation of Lee Si-young’s Plastic Surgery (Before-After)

The actress had plastic surgery multiple times back before her debut as an actress in the entertainment industry. She admitted to changing her facial shape, and thought it would look as natural as she wanted.

“There are a lot of articles has published after I talked about my plastic surgery and I couldn’t deny about the rumors since my old photos has been surfaced. People might discover about how I looked different from my past until present.” Lee Si-young

When Lee Si-young appeared as a special guest on ‘Golden Fishery-Radio Star’, aired on MBC, she was being recognized for making the national boxing team in addition to continuing her work as an actress.

The actress, who played the role in the horror film Killer Toon, stated that the first time she had plastic surgery was when she was 23 years old, and she is comfortable of the result of what she had done before.

Lee Si-young was praised even more back when she wasn’t getting surgery for her pretty face, and it suited every role she took, especially when Lee Si-young acted as a tomboyish bodyguard in the drama Wild Romance (2012), and also as an independent woman who’s attracted among the guys in the drama How To Use Guys With Secret Tips (2013). Celebrities have been known to get plastic surgery to make their visualization and image seem more charismatic and charming, to get public’s attention, and we must admit that Lee Si-young was brave enough to speak up and didn’t the rumors. The evidence has caught attention from many of her fans when they realized there was a difference in Lee Si-young’s face, based on comparisons of her old photos and her appearance now.

Maybe some of you guys might be curious about those differences. Let’s scroll down to check out the before and after transformation of Lee Si-young’s plastic surgery below!

Lee Si-young’s Transformation Before and After Plastic Surgery

Without knowing the details about what kind of plastic surgery she had, it can be clearly seen that Lee Si-young had a rhinoplasty to re-shape her nose to look better on-screen. Rhinoplasty is technically a procedure done on the nose to change the original shape to improve its function, for medical reasons, or it can also be done for cosmetic reasons.


As it’s seen from Lee Si-young’s predebut photos, the actress originally had a flat nose when she was born, and it isn’t a great facial shape for an actress. She decided to make a transformation on her visual, which had a good result and really suited her appearance. The transformation in her looks before the rhinoplasty is that she got a long-shaped nose, making her appearance stand, which is better for an actress.

Besides the rhinoplasty, or nose job, it can be clearly seen that Lee Si-young has a larger eyelid compared to her looks during the time before her debut. The procedure for a larger eyelid is called Blepharoplasty, more commonly known as an eye lift.  It’s usually done to reduce bagginess under the eyes, and remove excess skin from the upper eyelids. This surgery also could be done to improve someone’s vision if they had a problem with their eyesight.


According to Mayo Clinic, Blepharoplasty could be done along with another plastic surgery procedure such as a face-lifting, brow lift, or skin resurfacing. There aren’t actually any differences in Lee Si-yeon’s facial beside her eyelids and nose, but seeing the result of her plastic surgery, there was some speculation that she also had another cosmetic surgery to make her face look slimmer, but there’s never been an official statement addressing that issue.

Here are the comparisons between Lee Si-young’s predebut photos and her latest appearance :







Well, there’s all the information about Lee Si-yeon’s plastic surgery, along with the evidence of her transformation from her original face into her present appearance.

Lee Si-yeon was known as a Top Star in South Korea, who starred in many popular dramas, variety shows and movies such as The Kingdom of The Winds, Boys Over Flowers, Playful Kiss, My Beautiful Bride, Lookout, Five Senses of Eros, Killer Toon, We Got Married – Season 1 (with Jun Jin), and Real Men. Beside the news about Lee Si-yeon’s plastic surgery, she’s also known for her humble and down-to-earth personality, which makes public love her every time she makes an appearance in public.

Well, let’s hope for the best to Lee Si-yeon’s career in the future!