Full Profile of Korean Actor Lee Seung-hyung

lee seunghyung

Lee Seung-hyung, The Korean Actor

Debuting at the age of 21 years old, Lee Seung-hyung is best known as the veteran actor who took up the supporting roles of television series such as Jang Hui-bin, Lobbyist, City Hunter, and Moon Embracing the Sun. Having been nominated once as Best Supporting Actor in a Special Planning Drama on SBS Drama Awards in 2009, Lee Seung-hyung constantly gave his best effort in his work projects. In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Lee Seung-hyung which includes his full profile and the list of his television dramas and movies. So, keep reading!

Full Profile of Lee Seung-hyung

lee seunghyung

Real Name: Lee Seung Hyung

Date of Birth: Yangju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, February 17, 1968

Age: 51 (Korean age) / 50 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Chinese Astrology: Monkey

Nationality: South Korean

Education: Kyung Hee University, with a major in Physical Education

List of Lee Seung-hyung’s Movies and TV Shows

lee seunghyung

As having been stated at the beginning, Lee Seung-hyung is a veteran actor who is recognized as a recurring supporting character actor for the dramas and movies in which he has starred. He has acted in many famous Korean dramas, such as Rustic Period, Moodori, Mighty Chil Woo, Shining Inheritance, and Prosecutor Princess. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled the list of television series and movies that Lee Seung-hyung has starred in.

1989 – Memories of Bal-bari (Supporting Role as Myung-chul)

1990 – Robot Taekwon V 90 (Dubber as Hoon)

1997 – The Audition (Guest Role as Kwang-ho)

1998 – SBS White Nights 3.98 (Supporting Role as ANSP agent)

1999 – SBS  Tomato (as Supporting Role)

1999 – MBC Kuk-hee (as Supporting Role)

2001 – MBC I Want to See Your Face (Supporting Role as Seo Jin-woo)

2002 – The Beauty in Dream (Supporting Role as Tears 2)

2002 – SBS Successful Story of a Bright Girl (Supporting Role as Assistant chief of public relations)

2003 – MBC Snowman (Supporting Role as Choi Joo-hyung)

2003 – SBS Rustic Period (Supporting Role as Cha Won-ki)

2003 – KBS2 Jang Hui-bin (Supporting Role as King Gyeongjong)

2004 – SBS Little Women (Supporting Role as In-deuk and Jung-wan’s manager)

2004 – SBS Love Story in Harvard (Supporting Role as Jason Walker’s lawyer)

2005 – MBC 5th Republic (Supporting Role as Park Chul-un)

2005 – MBC My Lovely Sam Soon (Guest Role as Unfaithful husband having dinner on episode 2 and 4)

2005 –  SBS Love Needs a Miracle (Supporting Role as Yoo Se-joon)

2005 – SBS That Woman (Supporting Role as Kang Seok-joo)

2006 – Moodori (Guest Role as Sung-jin)

2006 – SBS I Want to Love (Supporting Role as Prosecutor Jang)

2007 – MBC By My Side (Supporting Role as Bae Sun-jang)

2007 – SBS Fly High / Sky High (Supporting Role as Jang Hyun-soo)

2007 – SBS Lobbyist (Supporting Role as Kang Tae-joon)

2008 – MBC Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung-geum / Park Jung-geum, Heavenly Beauty (Supporting Role as Hwang Byung-pal)

2008 – SBS On Air (Supporting Role as Advertiser)

2008 – MBC Life Special Investigation Team (Supporting Role as Jo Min-sik)

2008 – KBS2 Strongest Chil Woo / Mighty Chil Woo (Supporting Role as Yusaeng)

2008 – SBS Working Mom (Supporting Role as Lee Bang-won)

2008 – SBS Star’s Lover / Celebrity’s Sweetheart (Supporting Role as Choi Seung-wook)

2009 – SBS Temptation of Wife (Supporting Role as Shin Ae-ri’s father)

2009 – SBS Family’s Honor / Glory of the Family (Supporting Role as Ha Joo-jung’s ex-boyfriend)

2009 – SBS Brilliant Legacy / Shining Inheritance (Supporting Role as Pyo Sung-chul)

2009 –  SBS Don’t Hesitate (Supporting Role as Choi Man-soo)

2009 –  SBS Father, Your Place (Supporting Role as the young version of Lee Sung-bok)

2010 – SBS  Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors (Supporting Role as Jung Kyung-joo)

2009 – MBC A Man Called God (Supporting Role as Secretary Pyo)

2009 –  SBS Prosecutor Princess (Supporting Role as Cha Myung-soo)

2009 – SBS Giant (Supporting Role as Moon Sung-joong)

2011 – SBS War of the Roses (Supporting Role as Song Hyung-joon)

2011 – KBS2 Baby Faced Beauty (Supporting Role as Director Ahn Jung-nam)

2011 – SBS City Hunter (Supporting Role as Song Young-deok)

2011 – SBS Deep Rooted Tree (Supporting Role as Nam Sa-chul)

2011 – SBS If Tomorrow Comes (Supporting Role as Son Jung-mo)

2012 – MBC Moon Embracing the Sun (Supporting Role as Han Jae-gil)

2012 – KBS2 Man from the Equator (Supporting Role as Department head Cha)

2012 – MBC God of War (Supporting Role as Ryu Neung)

2012 – SBS Five Fingers (Supporting Role as Secretary Oh)

2013 – SBS Incarnation of Money (Supporting Role as Go Ho)

2013 – MBC When a Man Falls in Love (Supporting Role as Bae Choon-sam)

2013 – SBS Master’s Sun (Guest Role as Yoo Hye-sung’s manager on episode 1)

2013 – SBS The Suspicious Housekeeper (Supporting Role as Oh Nam-jae)

2014 –  SBS God’s Gift – 14 Days (Guest Role as Broadcasting station PD on episode 1 and 2)

2014 – SBS Angel Eyes (Supporting Role as Sung Hyun-ho)

2014 – KBS2 Golden Cross (Supporting Role as Joo Min-ho)

2014 – SBS My Heart Shines (Supporting Role as Jo Jin-woo)

2014 – KBS Sweet Secrets (Supporting Role as Cheol Goo)

2014 – MBC The Legendary Witch (Supporting Role as Head of Department Wang)

2014 – SBS Doctor Stranger (Supporting Role as Presidential chief of staff)

2014 – SBS Endless Love (Supporting Role as Director Im Yoon-taek)

2015 – KBS Unkind Women (Supporting Role as Na Boo-gil)

2015 – SBS Run Toward Tomorrow (as Supporting Role)

2015 – SBS Life Tracker Lee Jae-goo (Supporting Role as Byun Jin-hwan)

2015 – OCN Missing Noir M (Guest Role as Kim Seok-jin on episode 2)

2015 –  MBC Splendid Politics (Supporting Role as Yi Seo)

2015 – Naver TV Cast Investigator Alice (Supporting Role as Team Leader Investigation)

2015 – SBS I Have a Lover (Supporting Role as Kim Hak-soo)

2015 – KBS Drama Special: Live Shock (Supporting Role as Jeon Jong-soo)

2015 – SBS High Society (Supporting Role as Director Song)

2015 – SBS Mask (as Supporting Role)

2015 – SBS Remember (Supporting Role as Psychiatrist Lee Jeong-hoon)

2016– MBC Monster (Supporting Role as Assistant Han Sang-goo)

2016 – OCN  Squad 38 / 38 Revenue Collection Unit (Supporting Role as Cheon Gap-soo’s secretary / Tax collection section chief Baek Seong-il)

2016 – Naver TV Cast Is This Money? (Supporting Role as Geum Wang)

2016 –  SBS  I’m Sorry, But I Love You / I’m Sorry, Kang Nam-gu (Supporting Role as Gong Man-soo)

2016 –  MBC Missing 9 (as Supporting Role)

2017 – SBS Sister is Live (Supporting Role as Optician’s shop boss)

2017 – SBS The Temperature of Love (Supporting Role as Chef)

2017 – TV Chosun Shut Up and Smash (Supporting Role as Lee Hyeon-jin’s father)

2017 – KBS Black Knight Supporting Role (as Jeong Hae-ra’s father)