Lee Seung-hwan’s Full Profile, Discography, Awards, And More

Lee Seung-hwan’s Interview On KBS’ e-TODAY


In the 30 years of his career in the music world, he has released 12 albums. He said that the last one is definitely his best album till now, as he admitted any musician would say the latest album is the best. His latest title track has a retro vibe title “I am All You.”

Lee Seung-hwan explained that he always knew or thought he knew which one is the best song for a title track but never seem to get it right since 1999. He admitted that his other songs always did better on the charts. Therefore, he went to the public to choose which one they like best.

Of all his ten albums, there is a particular song that he likes best, it is from his fourth album HUMAN released in 1995. He talked about the changes in the different music eras, from a cassette to digital, he said that people now don’t store the hard copy of the music,  and that the music from the ’90s was more trendsetting and more forward-thinking compared to now.

Lee Seung-hwan got called “Little Prince” since debut, but he said he didn’t like it, and repeatedly asked people not to use it. He explained that this nickname would hold him back since he made rock music which is a very contrary image.

Lee Seung-hwan holds a record for the longest concert, last June he held a concert for 9 hours and 30 minutes, breaking his own record. He said he promised 100 songs for over 10 hours that is not difficult for him, he expressed that he could even perform 200 songs. Cool, right! But he is against doing that because the audience wouldn’t be able to bear it.

He revealed the secret of his voice durability and staying in great shape is that he exercises for 3 hours every day. Moreover, he also never goes outside before a concert. This is proof that his thirty years in music have been fierce.

Besides active in music, Lee Seung-hwan is also speaking out about social and political issues. He said musicians should be able to hurt alongside people and the world, that is why he started talking about justice. If something doesn’t sound right, he urges people to speak their minds to make a positive impact.

He wants to be remembered as a singer who’s done what no one else has. After holding concerts and making music, he also hopes to be someone who could do his own thing.

Lee Seung-hwan’s Interview On KBS’ Entertainment Weekly


In this interview, Lee Seung-hwan talks about his fashion style which appears to be an amalgamated fashion look. He admits that it is his own style since also the agency, they fend for themselves to cut back on expenses.

Lee Seung-hwan doesn’t want to have his age information to be revealed in the content media, he even once deleted it by himself. When asked about his response he said that it was due to netizen comments: “He must eat preservatives instead of food,” because of his young-looking face compared to his age. He said that his skin actually has aged quite a bit, thanks to the make-up artist.

Again, talking about his nickname “Little Prince”, he got called “Prince of Asia” when he went to the USA for 1,000 days to record an album. These rumors were spreading since he wanted to get the best sound as possible but ended up spending too much money.

When asked about his rich family background by the investigative reporter, he admitted that he comes from a family that is fairly well off. He received all the royalty payments per CD and he believes that whatever he earned from music should be invested into music, that is why he did not spare anything.

He has kept up his stamina by exercising 6 days per week around 3-4 hours per day in a strict self-care routine. He shared that his fat percentage is only 14 percent and aiming for 7 to 8 percent next year. His mission is to take off his shirt at the concert.

In the then upcoming concert “The Best Day, 2018” he added elements of musicals by collaborating with Choi Kanghee to be a star in a video segment with him. He said that some people disliked his concert because it is rock and roll. But at this concert, he will focus on the more sweet side of his music.

When asked about his happiest moments between writing or singing music, Lee Seung-hwan revealed that it is when he is falling in love with a woman, not his music. Though he hasn’t had a girlfriend for a long time, he said his ideal type is a cheerful person and also someone who doesn’t have very different political or religious opinions.

Again, talking about his participation in socially sensitive issues, because he wants to stand on justice. To be his legacy, he would like to be a singer who is acknowledged by junior artists and supported by fellow musicians and always stand for justice. He wishes to live a manly yet also childlike life.

Record Breaker

In 2019, Lee Seung-hwan just broke the record with his concert in Korea University’s Hwajung Gymnasium, to celebrate his 30th anniversary in the music industry. He performed 93 songs in total. As a side note, he beat his own record of 8 hours and 27 minutes with 9 hours 30 minutes with 3,000 fans witnessing.

Channel-Korea looks forward to seeing him continue to grow and reach a new record. Rooting for Lee Seung-hwan all the way! Do you have any comments about the “God of live concerts” Lee Seun-hwan? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!