A Fascinating Look at Lee Seung-gi’s Military Service!


Lee Seung-gi’s Military Enlistment

As we know, every man in Korea will definitely do military service, whether they’re famous artists or not. That includes famous actor, Lee Seung-gi. Korean drama fans must know about the main character of the drama Hwayugi, right? He began his military service in 2015 and finished in 2017.

On October 31, 2017, he officially completed the mlitary service, “During my service, I lived with countless imaginations in my head about what I would do or what I would want to do once I was discharged, but now that I’ve actually been discharged, I don’t have any of my head. Even right now, receiving my discharge notice and my soldier badge and being in front of you all, doesn’t feel quite real. And greet my parents, and take some time to let it sink in, that’s when I’ll be able to accept the reality of it All in all, I was able to return safely without any injuries thanks to your love and support this past year and nine months, and I was able to receive lots of good energy in special forces, with energy and learning, I will prepare so that I can greet you as quickly as possible with work. Thank you to all who came out this morning, and before my discharge, there were several rumors about me being a stake in the military, or that I will not be charged, etc, and I’m thankful that people waited for me that much; I will prepare hard so that I can respond to that anticipation. Thank you.”

Well, let’s get to know more about Lee Seung-gi’s military service!

Lee Seung-gi Greets His Fans after Finishing Military Service


On October 31, 2017, Lee Seung-gi officially completed his military service. About 400 fans gave a welcome speech to Lee Seung-gi, who was quite cold at the time. Lee Seung-gi was formally discharged from Jeungpyeong County in North Chungcheong Province. He felt very grateful and lucky because his fans were so patient and always supported him during his military service.


He revealed, “at first I was very taken aback when I received my placement. I was worried about a lot, but it was a very fun and grateful experience. It felt like I was learning how to find happiness even during extreme moments of suffering.” Lee Seung-gi revealed, “my time as a soldier has been something very precious to me.”


When asked what is the first thing he wants to do as a normal civilian, the singer replied, “I don’t really have anything in particular. From when I first received my discharge notice, to when I changed my status to reserve forces, to this very moment, it still doesn’t feel real. I don’t think my discharge will feel real until I return home and spend time with my parents.”


He also stated that he would soon return to playing in a drama. “I think that I will be able to greet fans on screen very soon. I will bring you enjoyment,” he stated. “I have a strong conviction about my activities after being charged. I will spend a lot of time with my fans from now on.”


And he proved it successfully, as the main character in the tvN drama, entitled Hwayugi. The drama received a very high rating in every episode, even he felt very grateful and grateful for all those who supported him.