King of Variety: Check Out Lee Seung-gi’s Appearances In Variety Shows!

Lee Seung-gi in Little Forest

Lee Seung-gi became a cast member of Little Forest which is a reality show about taking care of children in the children’s home in the countryside. This program aired from August 12th to October 2019.

He joined this reality show along with Lee Seo Jin, Park Na Rae, Jung So Min. Lee Seung-gi commented, “I have read and took time to understand the education and environment for children, I believe that the most important thing is physical endurance. It is crucial to inform or do things from my good experiences, because children will think hard on their own, and children also have a refreshing idea and thoughts.”

Lee Seung-gi explained, “I thought a lot to take care of them as if I have children of my own in the future.”

Lee Seung-si also revealed that he obtained a certification in child counseling for this program. “I wanted to be the only one to get it, but Jung So Min also got it, so my efforts seem less significant,” joked Lee Seung Gi. “I obtained it because I thought that the parents might be worried. It’s probably worrisome that celebrities are taking care of their children.”

The program was also really concerned about the children, how to make them communicate with the cast, how to approach them as they see the cast.

In this reality show, they visited a house that has a lot of green plants, to build a children’s home or shelter for children, so they can play inside. The core of the program is making the children play, learn, and enjoy together.

The Producer revealed how they chose the members of the cast; he choose someone who is interested in children rather than people who qualified and are professional in guiding children.

The producer also expressed that Lee Seung-gi was at the core of the inspiration for this program. Because he has a passion for children. They had already met each other during the shooting of Master in the House, while on break, they shared thoughts about the importance of childhood development in this country.

The unique bromance between Lee Seung-gi and Lee Seo Jin has also become one of the interesting scenes in the Little Forest.

Lee Seung-gi in Friday Joy Package

Lee Seung-gi collaborated with Na PD for the legendary reality show program Friday Joy Package. This reality show aired from January 10th to March 27th, 2020, on tvN.

The theme of this program is divided into 6 topics including sport, science, art, culinary, travel, and labor.

Lee Seung-gi came in the first episode at the LP factory, which will give the audience new amusement in the short-form. This segment was called “Life Experience Factory.”

There is a scene where he works alone and shooting confidently: “Poor quality products are unacceptable.” This scene caused a lot of laughter among the audiences. He also said: “I’m excited!” while entering the first job.


In the other episodes, he tried to become a chef, a pilot, and other occupations. Lee Seung-gi has not stopped with this reality show since a rumor says that a reality show with the theme Lee Seo Jin New York is supposed to be adapted and revisit the neighborhood he used to live in 30 years ago, when he was living in New York.

That’s all about Lee Seung-gi and the reality shows that he has been involved in. Which one do you like the most? Please share your thoughts and write your comment in the section below! Rooting for the lovable Lee Seung-gi in the next reality show!