King of Variety: Check Out Lee Seung-gi’s Appearances In Variety Shows!

Lee Seung-gi in Produce 48

Lee Seung-gi also appeared in Produce 48 in 2018 as the host. This reality show is created with the purpose of producing a girl group by voting out of 96 contestants from South Korea, Japan, along with the group concept, name, and debut single. This program was broadcast on Mnet in collaboration with the series Produce 101 and J-Pop idol group AKB48.

The group that was voted as the winner will have to promote together for two and a half years. The winner of the show consists of 12 members and made a group called Iz*One that debuted in the final, on August 31st, 2018.

Lee Seung-gi agreed to join as the MC after getting contacted by producing director Ahn Joon Young. He expressed, “Lee Seung-gi debuted at a young age as a singer and also has capability and skills in being an MC. In which, making him have a perspective from his experience and Lee Seung-gi also has a good image among the young generations, he is loved by all generations.”

The producer of the show wanted to invite as many as possible of all generations to enjoy the show.

This is Lee Seung-gi in the Finale of Produce 48.

Lee Seung Gi who is always full of jokes explained, “I felt happy because of the endless offers as well as when they complimented me by saying ‘There’s only you.’”

Quoted from Soompi, Lee Seung-gi said: “As Korea’s music industry begins to break into the global market, I’m sure that the girl group that will be formed through ‘Produce 48’ will be capable of having an influence on the international market. That’s why I decided to appear on the show. Jang Geun Suk in season one and BoA in season two both had strong individual styles. BoA has achieved many things and has a lot of experience.”

“While I watched the second season, I worried about how I could be of help to the trainees,” he expressed. “I’m not becoming a representative and then just telling people what to do. I’m trying to help them through my experience as a singer, actor, and entertainer so that they can show their own abilities in a relaxed way. There are a lot of cases of survival shows where the trainees don’t feel happy because of the pressure or they aren’t able to show their talents, so I’m trying hard to lead everything well.”

Lee Seung-gi in Busted

The reality show Busted!, a variety show that compiled a team of detectives to solve mysteries, started on May 4th, 2018. The cast includes Lee Seung-gi, Yoo Jae-suk, Ahn Jae-wook, Kim Jong-min, Lee Kwang-soo, Park Min-young, Oh Se-hun, and Kim Se-jeong.

The cast members have to solve the mystery that has 10 cases, including one serial killer, and unsolved cases. This game needs to be solved by these seven detectives.

Cited from Allkpop, Producer Jo Hyo Jin said, “The season is linked through the serial killer. One of the unique things in this season is that there are fixed guests. The fixed guest will give clues and have secrets, so if you follow them, there will be an unexpected twist.”

Talking about chemistry, Lee Seung Gi explained, “It was great. I was excited to hear about the opportunity to collaborate with a great group of people. It was the first time, I did something with Yoo Jae Suk as a fixed cast. It was nice. It was comfortable to be around Kim Jong Min. As for Park Min Young, I felt like I made a friend through this show.” He also commented that he became close to Sehun and Kim Sejeong as well.

Lee Seung Gi shared, “I was first doubtful about whether I would be able to get immersed in the situation because I worked with some of them before. However, the production team made the situations real, and solving the cases was harder than I thought. It wasn’t easy. Therefore, I was able to naturally become a part of it and that’s how the chemistry was created. I think it’s Netflix’s most innovative variety show. It was really fun.”