Here’s a List of Lee Seung-gi’s Best Dramas You Should Check out!

A Korean Odyssey

A Korean Odyssey is one of the dramas that became the missing drug of Lee Seung-gi’s fans because of his appearance after military service. This drama aired on tvN for a total of 20 episodes. A Korean Odyssey (Hangul: 화 유기) or also commonly known as Hwayugi was broadcast from December 23rd, 2017 to March 4th, 2018, with several famous actors and actresses such as Lee Seung-gi, Cha Seung-won, Oh Yeon-seo, Lee Hong-gi, and many more.

The story in this drama is basically an adaptation of the famous Chinese classic novel of all time Journey to the West which is visualized in the form of films and TV series. Lee Seung-gi here plays a character named Son Oh-gong, a great Sage monkey incarnation that is very powerful who has a bad temper and behavior that is as good as his forehead and is the best at making other people frustrated to the crown. Because of making a mistake, Oh Gong is very disliked by all the inhabitants of heaven and he receives a sentence of being locked up in a mountain of 5 elements for approximately 500 years and he manages to set himself free with Seon-mi’s help who is further deceived by Oh Gong.

To return to heaven Oh Gong must collect many points by eradicating the evil demons on earth and Oh Gong must also obey the prohibition of drinking alcohol. In the process of collecting points suddenly Oh Gong found the fastest way to make him stronger and not have to be busy collecting more points. He met Sam, a special human being who had a special assignment from heaven to save the world from destruction. Any devil who eats Sam will become exceedingly strong. Rather than collecting points, eating Sam Jang is certainly easier and more desirable for Oh Gong. However, Sam Jang turns out to be Jin Seon-mi (played by Oh Yeon-seo) the little girl who saved him from the five-element mountain prison.

In order not to become a meal for Oh Gong and other demons and be able to carry out their duties, the inhabitants of Heaven also gave Seon-mi protection in the form of a bracelet named Geumganggo which she had to take to Son Oh Gong. That bracelet is another prison for Oh Gong. Thanks to the bracelet Oh Gong fell in love with Seon-mi and his heart ached when he saw Seon-mi suffer. Geumganggo not only made Oh Gong not prey on Seon-mi but also made Oh Gong become Seon-mi’s protector from all the dangers that befell her. That gold-colored bracelet will also make us hear that great Sage repeatedly say: “I love you” to Jin Seon-mi with an expression of annoyance and anger.

Although his behavior is annoying, Oh Gong is still hard to hate, because his intelligence and Geumganggo slowly turn him into a much better figure. He is not only considerate and kind to Sam Jang but he is also kind to his other friends. When others make mistakes he can actually punish his friend more severely but he doesn’t. Geumganggo and the power of his love for Sam Jang really change the figure of a bad guy into a not so good guy. If you are curious about the story of Sam Jang and Son Oh Gong’s journey in A Korean Odyssey, you should watch this drama because it has a very good storyline and, of course, it is studded with famous actors and actresses!


In 2019, Lee Seung-gi returned to greet his fans by becoming one of the characters in a K-Drama that was broadcast on Netflix titled Vagabond. This time, the man who was born in Dobong-gu, Seoul, on January 13th, 1987, received much appreciation for his acting because he managed to become an actor with the action genre that dominates the drama Vagabond. This drama also received a lot of attention because Lee Seung-gi was able to act with Bae Suzy, a previous partner who had acted together in the Gu Family Book.

Vagabond tells the story of a stuntman named Cha Dal-geon (played by Lee Seung-gi) who works with a National Intelligent Service (NIS) agent named Go Hae-ri (played by Bae Suzy) to uncover the truth behind the B357 plane crash case that killed Cha Dal-geon’s niece, Cha Hoon. Tension is increasing because, in each episode towards the end, Vagabond presents actions and storylines that are increasingly interesting and surprising for the audience.

There are many mysteries hidden in each episode of Vagabond. Plot twists that are no less tense are also presented in this drama. At the beginning of the episode, both of them were in the Kriya region, the Kingdom of Africa. In the scene, Cha Dal-geon is seen wearing full clothes like a special agent and is camouflage holding a weapon. At that time, Go Hae-ri appeared in the middle of the road in the desert escorted by a number of bodyguards. Cha Dal-geon was surprised when he found out that the target he had to kill was actually Go Hae-ri.

Vagabond tells about the life of Cha Dal-geon in broad outline, the war between two big companies related to airplane accidents and terrorism groups, and the politics of a country whether they will side with the victims of the tragic accident. Cha Dal-geon played a role and sacrificed a lot in order to correct the tragedy of a plane crash that was not just an ordinary accident but has become a scenario of airline company competition, acts of terrorism in various parts of the world and also pilots who got bribes for making accidents as if they were the reasonable thing.

Well, it’s all about some of the top dramas starring Lee Seung-gi. He deserves to be included as one of the most accomplished actors with excellent acting skills because he has tried several different drama genres since he debuted until now. Let’s pray for and continue to support Lee Seung-gi so that in the future he will still be able to perform amazingly in K-Dramas as soon as possible!