Here’s a List of Lee Seung-gi’s Best Dramas You Should Check out!

Gu Family Book

In 2013, Lee Seung-gi made an appearance in one of the dramas aired by MBC. The drama is titled Gu Family Book or also known as Kang-chi, the Beginning (Hangul: 구 가 의 서) and has a total of 24 episodes. In this drama, Lee Seung-gi also acted with several quite famous actresses and actors such as Bae Suzy, Sung Joon, Lee Yoo-bi, and Yoo Yeon-seok.

This K-Drama is of the genre romance, comedy, fantasy, and action. The original story is about the mountain guard’s holy creature, Gumiho (nine-tailed fox), named Gu Wol-ryung (played by Choi Jin-hyuk) who sees a girl being tortured. The girl’s name is Yoon Seo-hwa (played by Lee Yeon-hee). Yoon Seo-hwa’s father was slandered by his own friend, Jo Gwang-wong (played by Lee Sung-jae), so he was sold to become a gisaeng. Gu Wol-ryung saved Yoon Seo-hwa. They eventually got married. Gu Wol-ryung was determined to become a human so he could live together with his wife. But, he had to find the Gu Family Book first.

Choi Kang-chi (played by Lee Seung-gi) is the son of Yoon Seon-hwa and Gu Wol-ryug who is cared for by a 100-year-old lodging owner and he was swept away by his mother in the river before her mother died. 20 years later, it was told that Jo Gwan-wong stopped by the inn where Choi Kang-chi and his family lived. He sees the inn moving forward and wants to get into business so Jo Gwan-wong looks for trouble and kills his stepfather Choi Kang-chi which in the end he excludes other traits that are descended from foxes.

The next story is about Choi Kang-chi who wants to become a whole person. He must find the Gu Family Book like his father. He also later meets his father who is apparently still alive. Also, his mother is also still alive. His father had turned into a 1,000-year-old demon but can go back to being good again after meeting his mother. Meanwhile, on the way to reclaim the 100-Year Lodging, Choi Kang-chi meets Dam Yeo-wool (played by Bae Suzy), who turns out to be someone in the past that he has saved. Then begins the love story between Choi Kang-chi and Dam Yeo-wool.

You’re All Surrounded

You’re All Surrounded (Hangul: 너희들 은 포위 됐다) is a K-Drama that also stars Lee Seung-gi as one of the main characters. This drama was produced by MBC in 2013 and has a total of 24 episodes. Action, crime, comedy, romance drama series, which I highly recommend watching. This drama tells the story of a young detective who recently graduated from the police academy, Eun Dae-gu (played by Lee Seung-gi). He is with three other people, Park Tae-il (played by Ahn Jae-hyun), Ji-gook (played by Park Jung-min), and Uh Soo-sun (played by Go Ara).

They all enter team 3 in the Gangnam district where the district is a disaster district because there are so many crimes. They are all led by detective Seo Pan-seok (played by the famous legendary Cha Seung-won). None of the four of them really wants to be a detective. Ji-gook became a detective because the registration for his rea passion was closed, Soo-sun became a detective for the high salary, Tae-il became a detective for being attractive, and Dae-gu became a detective for personal reasons.

He wants to be a detective because he wants to uncover the murder case that happened to his mother 11 years ago, where the case was handled by his team leader, Seo Pan-seok, and Eun Dae-gu suspected that Pan-seok was involved in the case because the murderer was chasing Eun Dae-gu and Eun Dae-gu heard Detective Seo’s name being mentioned by the killer. Not only the series shows the love story between noona and dongsaeng, but also interesting cases and also the story of friendship that occurs in P4.

At first, Eun Dae-gu who was cold because of the death of his mother acted indifferently and did not care for his friends, even to the point that the three of them sometimes felt fed up with Eun Dae-gu, but when he was seriously injured in the hospital, they wanted to treat and help Eun Dae-gu, so that he is aware and wants to be more open. Then how is Tae-il who is very good and understands Ji-gook, and also Soo-sun who despite being judged by Eun Dae-gu is still good even to the point of falling in love? Their teamwork is also good. The cases presented are quite interesting to follow even if they are not discussed too deeply. You’re All Surrounded also focuses on the P4 friendship stories on the way of becoming real detectives.