Get Closer to “Granpas Over Flower” Actor Lee Seo-jin (Profile, Marriage, Wife, TV Shows, Latest News, etc)

Love Life

Love Affair with Han Ji-min

After having been members of Grandpas Over Flowers for a recent episode, Baek Il Seob has started to reveal that his co-star had a crush on Han Ji-min. In one fine episode, Lee Seo-jin once said to Baek Il-soeb that Han Ji-min was the best compared to other members. However, they never go out in public as a couple so maybe it’s just a passing rumor.

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Relationship with Choi Ji-woo

Seems like Grandpas Over Flowers is a genuine media show to dig in his love life. They show a lovely chemistry during a recent episode of the variety show and people reveal that they are still close to each other a year after. When Choi Ji-woo appeared in one Korean infotainment article, she was still being asked whether the rumor dating is true or not and she denied the question politely. The variety’s producer once asked them if they were on a serious relationship and planned to get married. Lee Seo-jin said he would if Choi Ji-woo could fix her bad spending habit and Choi Ji-woo respond him with, “No, thank you”.

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Relationship with Kim Jung-eun

Lee Seo-jin met Kim Jung-eun by working together in drama project called Lovers and have been close to each other ever since. Both of their agencies confirm that these two are officially dating. They clearly show their relationship to public and don’t seem to hide anything even if they were caught by reporters. These two even go US to spend their holidays together. But, after that, there was a rumor they had broken up. Jung-eun declared all on her own that this shocking-news was true. People were surprised even more knowing that their break up was a one-sided decision made by Lee Seo-jin. Kim Jung-eun stated they had never been in a fight or something that could potentially lead them to a split. However, life must go on and Kim Jung-eun must continue to give her best in her next dramas.

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Lee Seo-jin’s Ideal Type and His Marriage Thoughts

During one episode of Three Meals a Day, Lee Seo-jin jumped into a one-by-one interview with the director. He was asked about his ideal type of woman and he innocently said that she likes a cheerful, and plump woman with her belly coming out a bit from her jeans. At the end of the episode, Lee Seo-jin quietly said he should marry Choi Ji-woo.

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Lee Seo-jin’s Latest News

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Here’s some good news. After three years of not filming, this year Lee will come to your screen with his upcoming movie titled Perfect Stranger. This time, his acting partner is Song Ha-yoon who will play as his wife. This comedy movie tells the story of four married couples who are friends who go on holiday together. Conflicts happen when they trying to take a look at each other’s message and phone calls. This movie will release at the end of 2018 with Yoo Hae-jin, Jo Jin-woong, Yum Jung-ah, and Kim Ji-soo as cast members. Moving on to variety shows, he has now been on shoot for Grandpas Over Flowers Returns which will be aired in the same network, tvN.