Get Closer to “Granpas Over Flower” Actor Lee Seo-jin (Profile, Marriage, Wife, TV Shows, Latest News, etc)

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Lee Seo-jin is one of Korea’s senior actors and television hosts. He was born in Seoul, Korea’s capital on January 30, 1971. This 47 year old actor has two siblings, one older brother and one older sister which makes him the youngest child in his family. Lee Seo-jin descended from a rich family. His Grandfather was the CEO of Seoul Bank and his father was a former official in Ahn Heung Finance. Due to his upbringing and family history it influenced the majors he took up when he enrolled in college. He finished his education at New York University majoring in Business and Management. After graduating, he decided to pursue his career in the entertainment industry instead of economics. Let’s take a look at his profile below to get to know him more!


Birth name: Lee Seo-jin

Stage name: Lee Seo-jin

Birth place: Seoul

Birth date: January 30, 1971

Zodiac: Aquarius

Blood type: A

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 69.1 kg

Hair: straight dark auburn (currently)

Favorite color: black

Favorite food: grilled meat, berry pie

Mother: Lee Yoon Ja

Father: Lee Jae Eung

Siblings: Lee Yong Jin (brother)

Hobbies: sport, photography

Language: Korean, English

Favorite singer: Jennie Kim (Blackpink member)

Role model: Matt Damon, Kate Winslet

Profession: actor, model, TV host, activist, humanist

Agency: Hook Entertainment

Alongside his career as an actor, he joined a well-known social institution called Habitat for Humanity as a volunteer. After two years of participation, he was chosen to be a Goodwill Ambassador for Korea. However, he was seemingly unsatisfied with his achievements still, and next year he became an environmentalist that initiated a green (environmental) program titled “Let’s Tree Fund”. This program was supported by Nippon Foundation and South Korean Food Franchise Genesis. Afterwards, in 2011 Lee Seo-jin took part in intellectual property and real estate investments. His company was named Ask Veritas Assets Management and he worked as the managing director. Lee Seo-jin also expanded his humanitarian activities by joining a volunteering program that helped Japanese earthquake and tsunami’s victims. Now let’s get back to Lee Seo-jin’s entertainment career.

TV Shows

lee seojin

In this industry, Lee Seo-jin not only appears as an actor of Korean dramas but he also played in movies, theaters, music videos, and variety shows. The same year that he debuted in his first drama, he was featured as a talent one of Korean band music video. He also was cast in Jung Jae-wook’s song Goodbye. In 2000, he played in a theater show titled ‘Shakespearean Love Method’ as well as ‘Ghost Taxi’ movie. Another movie she starred in was ‘Shadowless Sword’ and ‘Love Forecast’.


lee seojin

In 1999 he debuted his first Korean drama by playing ‘The Boss’ as a supporting role. During the same year, his second appearance was in a drama titled ‘House Above the Waves’. After two years constantly portraying a supporting or second lead character, in 2003 he appeared in his first role as main character in historical drama ‘Damo’. We could say this drama was a turning point for his career as an actor. His following drama came public with Lee Seo-jin as the male lead role. Lee Seo-jin is a multi-talented yet also a brave risk taker for this job. There is no doubt it takes some courage to undertake a role for a different drama genre.

Furthermore he gained success portraying many other characters with different personalities in every single drama. It’s no wonder he could win many awards. For example, he won Best Couple category and Excellence Actor category in MBC Drama Awards. In MBC Drama Awards following year, once again he won Best Couple Awards and Excellence award from his drama ‘Phoenix’. Each year after, he always had at least one drama to release until 2012, he decided to take a break from drama world for a while.

Year Drama Role Network
1999 House Above the Waves SBS
Wang Cho (The Boss) MBC
2001 Her House MBC
New Nonstop guest MBC
Sunday Best “A Good Man, lee Young Woo” KBS
2002 Since We Met MBC
Shoot For the Stars SBS
2003 Damo Hwang Bo Yoon MBC
2004 Phoenix Jang Sae Hoon MBC
2006 Freeze Baek Joong Won CGV
Lovers Ha Kang Jae SBS
2007 Yi San Yi San MBC
2008 On Air cameo ep 9 SBS
2009 Soul Shin Ryu MBC
2011 Gyebaek Gyebaek MBC
2014 Wonderful Days Kang Dong Seok KBS2
2016 Marriage Contract Han Ji Hoo MBC

Variety Show

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In 2013, he jumped into another zone of the entertainment business as a variety show cast member. He made his appearance in one of his famous variety shows Grandpas Over Flowers. Starring with Lee Soon-jae, Shin Goo, Park Geun-hung, and Baek Il-seob, these 70’s actors must go on backpacking-travel overseas to complete their missions. Surprisingly, Grandpas Over Flowers received high ratings in Korean television program. As a result, this variety show won Grand Prizes in the tvN10 Awards. Lee gained popularity as was their best-known cast member by this events.

In 2014, his presence comes to surface in Three Meals a Day. This tvN variety show ruled that the cast to go to the country side to stay for three days a week. Each day they have to earn groceries to cook using traditional tools to made their own meal. It’s quite funny knowing that Lee Seo-jin took role in this show considering his bad cooking skill. The crew teased him by calling him a cooking king, but apparently, this jokes became a popular nickname for him.

lee seojin