Everything You Need to Know About ‘Hwayugi’ Actress Lee Se-young

Weight Loss

Lee Se-young has reportedly lost 7 kilograms after squatting 700 times per day. This news is proven by how her body looked at an awarding night where she wore a tight, short black dress. The dress absolutely showed her hips and thighs, and they looked more muscular than ever. But, of course, it doesn’t take away from her beauty.

lee se young

Fun Facts

So, here are some fun facts of Lee Se-young you must know!

  • In 2002, she appeared in one of S.E.S’s music videos titled “S.II.S”.
  • In 2008, Lee made her second appearance in a music video in Black’s song “Dear Heart, Stop”.
  • In 2011, Boyfriend’s music video named “Don’t Touch My Girl” released with Lee Se-young in it.
  • She appeared in Jung Dong-ha’s music video titled “If” in 2014.
  • In the same year, she appeared in Lee Seung-hwan’s music video “I feel on You” featuring Lee So-eun.
  • When she was in university, she was chosen to be an ambassador alongside her classmate Goo Ha-ra.
lee se young
  • She appeared in Running Man episode 343 as a guest.
  • She was a movie cameo three times: My Lovely Week, All About My Wife, and Female Bank Customer.
  • She popped in Unstoppable High Kick! episode 143 as herself (guest).
  • She was Plus Nine Boy’s cameo.
  • After filming The Wonder Years, due to her parents, Lee took a break for a couple of years from movie and drama projects and focused on her education.
  • In 2015, Lee didn’t take any offers for TV projects.

Latest News

lee se young and suho exo

Lee Se-young is now confirmed to be appearing in this year’s upcoming drama How Are You Bread. Se-young will perform together with EXO’s Suho. They will show you a love story between a professional patissier named Ha Do-woo and a variety show writer named Noh Mi-rae. How Are You Bread will be airing for ten episodes on Never TV Cast channel.

lee se young
lee se young

Love Life

Lee Se-young has been rumored several times to be in a relationship with DJ and music video director Cool K. But, she stated on her social media that the rumor was wrong. After a long time of no news about her love life, finally, in 2016, Se-young was rumored to be secretly dating Hyun-woo (her acting fellow in the drama The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop). This rumor came up due to those two behaving similar to a couple. At that time, they were invited to KBS Entertainment Weekly to promote the drama.

lee se young hyun woo

And, then, Park Jun-geum stated that those two were dating due to one occasion. “Hyun Woo ate Se Young’s leftover noodle cup. How could they do that if they were not a couple?” said Jun Geum. Se Young just laughed it off and denied it politely. “I was going to eat the noodles, but then the director said it was my turn to film so Hyun Woo ate mine.” She explained the whole situation to assure that there is nothing between them.


lee se young
Line Today
Year Award Category Drama/Movie
2004 12th Chunsa Film Festival Awards Child Actress Award When I Turned Nine
2005 KBS Drama Awards: Child Actress Award Beijing My Love
2016 KBS Drama Awards:  Newcomer Actress Award Laurel Tree Tailors
KBS Drama Awards Best Couple Award with Hyun Woo Laurel Tree Tailors
2017 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress in Television Laurel Tree Tailors