Here Are The Top 10 K-Dramas Starring Actress Lee Se-young You Should Watch!

The Crowned Clown

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The Crowned Clown is a drama aired by tvN starring Yeo Jin-goo, Kim Sang-kyung, and Lee Se-young. The drama was aired from January 7th to March 4th, 2019, at 21.30 KST. In this drama, Lee Se-young acts as the queen named Yoo So-woon, a formidable queen paired with young actor Yeo Jin-goo.


The Crowned Clown tells the story of the Joseon kingdom. At that time, Joseon was in a state of chaos because of the rebellion and power struggle around King Lee Hun. In order to avoid murder, a clown named Ha Sun was brought to the palace to replace King Lee Hun. Ha Sun has similarities with King Lee Hun.

When Ha Sun was a child, he lost his parents. Ha Sun almost starved to death that day. However, at that time, Ha Sun was saved by a group of clowns and made his life together with them. Now, Ha Sun will portray the character of King Lee Hun because he has a similar physical appearance. Ha Sun is very nervous to be the most important person in the palace. He is afraid of the palace finding out that he is not the real King.


A Korean Odyssey

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A Korean Odyssey is a drama aired on tvN and stars Lee Seung-gi, Cha Seung-won, Oh Yeon-seo, Lee Hong-gi, and Jang Gwang. This drama aired in December 2017 at 21:00 KST. In this drama, Lee Se-young plays the role of Bong-soon, an idol group participant.


The Korean drama A Korean Odyssey is about Son O-gong and King Wooma (Woomawang) who are creatures from other realms; they live where evil is always present and happens everywhere. Son O-gong has an advantage in terms of strength and has a high level of martial arts abilities. One day Son O-gong had to be kicked out of nature for making a big mistake and fell to Earth.

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The Vampire Detective


The Vampire Detective is a drama aired by OCN starring Lee Joon, Oh Jung-se, and Lee Se-young. The drama aired its first episode on March 27th, 2016. In this drama, Lee Se-young plays Han Gyeo-wool, Yoon San’s personal assistant, played by Lee Joon.


The Vampire Detective tells the story of a man named Yoon San working as a detective in South Korea. One day when Yoon San takes time off, he suddenly turns into a vampire. When working, he is always confident in the case he takes to his clients. But he has also covered up the secrets of his past and wants to solve the mystery of what happened to him.

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Trot Lovers

Trot Lovers is a KBS2 drama starring Jung Eun-ji, Ji Hyun-woo, Shin Sung-rok, and Lee Se-young. This drama was aired between June 23rd and August 12th, 2014, at 21:55 KST. In this drama, Lee Se-young plays the role of Park Soo-in.


This drama tells the story of Jang Joon-hyun who is a genius musician who does not like older music genres, among which trot in particular. Then he teams up with Choi Choon-hee, a talented young girl who is a trot singer. He joins the CEO’s artist agency owned by Jo Geun-woo. Meanwhile, there is a woman who is Jang Joon-hyun’s first love, Park Soo-in and she approaches Jang Joon-hyun to make a song and then makes Choi Choon-hee leave Jang Joon-hyun. Park Soo-in then approaches CEO Jo Geun-woo and becomes a trainee at Jo Geun-woo’s agency. Park Soo-in’s bad temper makes her jealous of Choi Choon-hee who gets the attention of her agency.