Born in 1981, Does Lee Sang-yoon Have a Wife Now?

Lee Sang-yoon, A Womanizer?

The 37-year-old actor, Lee Sang-yoon is known for his various roles as a charismatic and often silent male lead in dramas and movies. His tall physique and stone cold face possess a particular charm when he shows the opposite of what one expects him to be like, aided by sweet and sickly aegyo and ear candy. These qualities are definitely what attracts fans and potential partners alike. And as some say, some men age like fine wine, which is a very adequate description for someone like Lee Sang-yoon. Therefore, it makes some people wonder how a man as charming as Lee Sang-yoon could still be single at the age 37.

Lee Sang-yoon, who has been active since 2004, has several times been caught with women and even confirmed some of those instances too, gaining interest from the public and fans. As he reached the typical age of getting married according to conventional societal standards, people started wondering about his dating history and past romantic partners. His prolific range of women varies from entertainers to actresses who decorate the TV screens. He has dated, and even planned to get married at some point.

So let’s take a deeper dive and learn more about Lee Sang-yoon and his ideals regarding love and marriage throughout his career!

His History with Women

Lee Sang-yoon grew up drawing from a very distinct and interesting background, that heavily influenced his views and actions regarding relationships and the opposite gender. During his adolescence years, he went to a normal middle school with a fixed ratio of boys and girls. However, they were separated into groups based on gender, and the boys and the girls didn’t really have time to interact and socialize. This early development could have impacted his familiarity with the opposite sex.

This trend continued as he grew older. He attended an all boys high school and this is what made it even harder for him to date, having lack of potential partners and opportunities to interact with the opposite gender. During this time, he is well known and is close to several seniors and juniors but has almost zero popularity with the ladies, making him question himself more than a couple of times. The lack of confidence and the situation at hand contributed to how he reflects upon his relationships.

As mentioned, it was hard for him to communicate with girls as his life mostly revolved around gaming and working out. He had experience going on blind dates, and that has somewhat helped him, but he still felt troubled making a connection afterward.

Ideal Type

As an actor, there is a belief that the more you date, the better you can get at acting. This belief stems from the feelings a person experiences when dating, and Lee Sang-yoon too believes in this ideal. Yet, at the time it seems that very few have managed to steal his heart, even though he has been an actor. Lee Sang-yoon has delved into his ideal type several times, mentioning his criteria in passing when interviewed or during press conferences. They don’t seem to be very special, but they seem to hold a very special place in his heart.

Lee Sang-yoon has stated in an interview that his ideal type is a girl who is nice and pretty. These criteria don’t seem very high, but his specific taste regarding what his standards or pleasantries and beauty are isn’t specifically given, thus there is no indication of how he judges these qualities. Other than that, he seems to refer to someone who can appreciate his hobbies such as exercising and staying healthy. He mentioned this as one of the reasons why he is unable to date very often, as he still very much enjoys his time exercising and working out.