Born in 1981, Does Lee Sang-yoon Have a Wife Now?

Dating vs Marriage?

Lee Sang-yoon’s view on marriage is definitely not new or different from most millennials’; he believes that marriage should not be rushed in to or delayed. However, when he meets someone just right for him, then they should definitely get married as soon as possible. When the time comes for him, then that’s when he will get married with the one. This value permeates his dating style and his willingness to be in a public relationship.

As he does not even have time to date currently, there are no plans for marriage anytime soon with his focus staying on his variety show as of late. Lee Sang-yoo seems to be someone who is highly dedicated to his work and lifestyle, with a romantic relationship in the back of his mind. So what do you think of Lee Sang-yoon’s choice of partners and his beliefs in marriage? Tell us through the comments down below!