Born in 1981, Does Lee Sang-yoon Have a Wife Now?

Romantic Partners

Lee Sang-yoon has been active for 14 years, but it is not very often that an actor gets married very early on in his career. This fact might be what surprises fans and people who just recently got into Lee Sang-yoon, but he has been in a couple of relationships, public and private. This man takes his relationships very seriously and cherishes his partners due to his past experiences, so let’s take a look at Lee Sang-yoon’s past romantic partners!

Nam Sang-mi

Nam Sang-mi is an actress known as the first ever public girlfriend of Lee Sang-yoon. Although the two were still very underrated and not as famous as they are now, the relationship was still deemed surprising and a shock to the public, as at the time, not many celebrities, exposed their love lives through social media. The two met during the filming of the hit drama Life is Beautiful. This also factors into the shock value as the two starred as lovers in the TV series.

The two revealed their relationship on the variety show Taxi in 2011. This announcement was initially unplanned, and their relationship was unknown by the producer of the show,  thus, shocking the producer when the two failed to answer a question about their relationship, by the host Choi Young-ja. The two were separately cast for the episode, making their appearance together somewhat guerrilla and quite unplanned. The producer has since then stated that it was not her intention to reveal the relationship.

The producer initially built around Lee Sang-yoon’s image of a readily available bachelor who has women surrounding him and lining up to date him. This played into the rather cold image yet opposite charm, the tsundere trope he is known for. Thus, as the two were questioned about possibly being in a relationship and silence descended, it was a dead giveaway neither could deny. Nevertheless, the incident turned out more fortunate than anything else. The two remained in a good relationship and enjoyed their time openly dating, while still getting job offers here and there.

In 2013, it was reported that the two have since broken up due to differences in ideals and beliefs. They had been in a relationship for the most part of two years, so the split was definitely unexpected and left fans gaping. Although the reasons are vague at best, a statement from Lee Sang-yoon’s company revealed that they broke up naturally after dating for a while, drifting apart with no severe disagreements.


Uee is an ex-idol-turned-actress from Pledis entertainment, who is currently thriving in her acting career. This relationship is not something that bloomed on a film set or something of that kind; they first met during the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2015, in Hong Kong, as they went together as celebrities who helped announce the nominees of a category. The two of them graced the red carpet together and supposedly spent delightful time together where love soon blossomed.

In May of 2016, it had been reported that the two were indeed dating and not long after, Lee Sang-yoon confirmed through a personal statement made on his fancafe blog. Moreover, supposedly Lee Sang-yoon had already dropped some hints in his Osaka fan meeting in January, where a fan asked him if he was seeing anyone recently and he had honestly answered yes. This couple definitely does not mind being in an open relationship like most celebrity couples do.

The two had a very interesting dynamic as they had a 7-year age gap yet no obvious signs of considerable differences in ideals or perspective. Both of them seemed to be an easy going couple, lightly joking with each other and sometimes even bickering. Sadly, a year after they had met, in January of 2017, the two announced their split with no explicit reasoning. Uee’s company released a statement saying that the two naturally drifted apart because of tight schedules keeping them busy.