Learn More About Lee Sang-yeob’s Wife, Relationship Status, Dating Rumor

Lee Sang-yeob's Wife

The Truth About ‘Eve’ Actor: Lee Sang-yeob’s Wife, Relationship, Ideal Type, Dating Rumor, etc.

Lee Sang-yeob is a South Korean actor and very popular with his role in K-Dramas, such as ‘While You Were Sleeping’ (2017), ‘Love Affairs In The Afternoon’ (2019), ‘Once Again’ (2020), ‘On The Verge of Insanity’ (2021), etc.

Many fans are curious about his relationship and dating in real life, especially at his age which is suitable for being a husband and having a family. In this article, there is detailed information about Lee Sang-yeob’s wife and find out more about his relationship status, past relationship, and more!

Lee Sang-yeob Is Still Single And Doesn’t Have A Wife


Lee Sang-yeob’s relationship status is currently single and doesn’t have a wife. The actor who appeared as a cameo in ‘The Doctors’ did not reveal his personal life and his dating in public until now.

There is no official statement from Lee Sang-yeob’s agency regarding his relationship status, whether he’s dating someone or not.

Lee Sang-yeob’s Ideal Type And Dating Style


Lee Sang-yeob once said about the type of ideal girl on an SBS talk show. He confessed that actress Park Si-yeon is close to his ideal type.

Through his appearance as a guest on ‘My Ugly Duckling’ and shared about his dating style. “I sometimes get tired by getting too attached and fall in love with one person. They get tired after seeing me, and I am also concerned about that.”


On the other side, Lee Sang-yeob also has the motivation to get married soon. “If I get married, I think I will be like Yoon Gyu-jin (his role in the drama ‘Once Again’) from my drama,” Lee Sang-yeob said.

“I’d like to have about three children. My ‘Once Again’ co-stars told me it was too late to get married, but I didn’t have to bother. I’m always open to ideas. It’s meaningless to decide exactly when I want to get married.”

Lee Sang-yeob’s Ex-Girlfriend: Gong Hyun-joo


Lee Sang-yeob had a girlfriend in August 2013 with Gong Hyun-joo. After their relationship became public, Lee Sang-yeob and Gong Hyun-joo openly showed their support and love for each other.

The two of them even appeared together on the documentary reality show that aired on SBS’ ‘Law of the Jungle’ in Samoa.

Lee Sang-yeob and Gong Hyun-joo know each other because they are from the same agency. However, they eventually moved to a different agency in 2016 after reportedly breaking up.

Gong Hyun-joo plays Cha Do-young, one of the socialite characters in the K-Drama titled ‘High Class’.


She is a graduate of Dongduk Women’s University and then made her acting debut through the drama “All In” and now appeared in several K-Dramas, such as “Ballerino”, “Hotel King”, “Love Is Drop by Drop”.

Lee Sang-yeob’s Dating Rumor With Jessi


In tvN’s ‘The Sixth Sense 3’, many fans were curious about the relationship between Lee Sang-yeob and Jessi because the program called them a “love couple”.

Lee Sang-yeob and Jessi formed a love line in the program while appearing regularly on ‘The Sixth Sense 3’. The two of them have invited joy because of their funny attitude.


Lee Sang-yeob’s agency also spoke up, commenting on the ambiguity of the artist’s information. On June 8, 2021, Woongbin NS, as the actor’s agency, denied that Lee Sang-yeob was dating Jessi.

“It’s not true that Lee Sang-yeob and singer Jessi are dating. ‘The Sixth Sense’ itself binds two people on social media and uploads them for fun. tvN also said, ‘Entertainment is just entertainment, don’t get me wrong’. It doesn’t exist relationship with us,” said Lee Sang-yeob’s agency openly.

Lee Sang-yeob’s Fans Thought He Will Married Soon


On April 20, 2022, Lee Sang-yeob announced that he would share “something” through his Instagram account. The statement eventually led fans to speculate that he would announce the wedding news or something shocking.

Lee Sang-yeob said, “Tonight at around 3:30 PM, I plan to deliver some news through my Instagram story.”


Lee Sang-yeob said, “Hello, I’m Lee Sang-yeob. Honestly, I didn’t know this would be such a big problem. Let me get straight to the point. To interact with all of you more closely, I have decided to start a YouTube channel- I’m planning to open the channel in mid-May.”

“It seems that many people are speculating that I will get married soon. But this is not what you think. Please look forward to my YouTube channel and please press like and subscribe after it opens,” added the 1983-born actor.

Well, that was all for the information about Lee Sang-yeob. He’s currently single and doesn’t have a wife. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!