Lee Sang-min’s Scandal: Latest News and Cause of “Financial Problems”

Turned The Destiny Wheel From The Bottom To The Top


Despite being slumped in misery, Lee Sang-min is strongly rebuilding his life. His first step was when he became a star of the documentary-style show on Mnet’s God of Music. He appeared with his genuine personality, and openly discussed his personal financial problems without shame.

As he was being honest and open about his life, Lee Sang-min slowly gained admiration from the viewers. Some of his TV Shows became big hits, boosting his popularity as a sincere celebrity, not as the scandalous person with heavy debts. Today, Lee Sang-min is one of the most sought-after celebrities for his amazing work as a permanent panelist on 11 television shows.

Lee Sang-min was recently featured in the TV Show My Ugly Duckling, which is the most -viewed variety show on Sundays. During the show, Lee Sang-min gave some money-saving advice, such as placing meat on instant cup noodles to make it tastier that it really is. He often proudly shared about how his life of skimping was going. His transparency about his financial status made him gain the high moral ground.


On one of his TV shows, Lee invited one of his creditors to have a meal. Since he’s been paying his debt for one billion KRW (approximately 900,000 dollars) since 2004, the creditor complimented him. “I’m more impressed than fed up with your tenacity. I don’t think there’s anyone who pays back debts for over 10 years,” said the creditor. The creditor even treated Lee Sang-min like his younger brother.

Lee Sang-min’s misfortune in his financial problems taught us some lessons, mainly, that we have to be able to face the problem, despite drowning in sadness. Lee Sang-min proved himself changed from the “icon of debt”  into “the great recovery”. Many people admire his frankness and perseverance, and also his recovery as a successful celebrity nowadays.