Find Out More About Lee Sang-min’s Funny Moments on ‘Knowing Brothers’, Here!

Lee Sangmin Knowing Brothers

Take a Look at Lee Sang-min’s Funny Moments on Knowing Brothers!

Knowing Brothers is a popular variety show that aired on JTBC with a concept where the cast members accept the guests into their ‘school’ and they have to answer questions about the guests later. There are seven cast members in this variety show; Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Kim Hee-chul, Seo Jang-hoon, Min Kyung-hoon, Lee Sang-min, and Kim Yeong-cheol. Lee Sang-min is a former member of a group called Roo’ra, and he joined as part of the cast of Knowing Brothers after Hwang Chi-yeul left the program with Kim Se-hwang. Up until now, he stayed as one of the permanent cast members of Knowing Brothers.

In the program, every cast member has his own role, and so they all have their own unique jokes. Are you curious about what kind of jokes Lee Sang-min threw on Knowing Brothers and how funny he is on the program? Today, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed run-through of Lee Sang-min’s funny moments in the variety show Knowing Brothers. So, stay tuned!


Lee Sangmin Divorce Jokes

For those who watch Knowing Brothers, everyone knows that there are two words that can’t come out of Lee Sang-min’s mouth: divorce and debt. This is because Lee Sang-min is a divorcee, and he also used to have many debts until he joined as a cast member of Knowing Brothers. Because of these facts, the other cast members and even himself often used his situation as a joke in the variety show. Not to mention, there is also another divorcee besides him among the cast, none other than Seo Jang-hoon, which makes the other cast member go more wildly when it comes to jokes about divorce.

Among the cast members of Knowing Brothers, the one that makes jokes about divorce the most is Lee Soo-geun, although he often makes the joke to tease Seo Jang-hoon. However, even though the jokes are only meant for Seo Jang-hoon, they always end up involving Lee Sang-min too.

One of the most famous moments where the cast jokes about divorce is when Eun Ji-won came as a guest and had to ask questions. Look at how Eun Ji-won’s question backfired at him and ended up attacking Lee Sang-min and Seo Jang-hoon in the video below:

Another joke that is always related to Lee Sang-min is a joke about debts. In the early episodes, he was always connected with the word debt. This is because he did owe a debt due to operating a gambling website in the past, which resulted in him going to prison. However, he appealed to the ruling and was then sentenced to 3 years in probation, 160 hours of community service, and 210 million won in fines. Moreover, his restaurant business also failed which landed him in another debt of 6.9 billion won.

Lee Sangmin

However, after he joined Knowing Brothers, his financial state became better, so much so that he could even make a joke about it. In one of the episodes, he even bragged that he is finally able to take out a credit card. What a relief!

Rap Battle VS BTS’ Rap Monster

Lee Sangmin BTS

In the past, Lee Sang-min was a top dog in the music world and was respected by his juniors in the entertainment industry. Even though years have passed, many musicians still respect him for his skills, and one of those skills is his rap. You can find many moments where Lee Sang-min showed off his rap skills, and one of them is when he had a rap battle with BTS’ RM. If you want to see how their rap battle turns out, you can watch it in the video below:

Imitating Kim Bosung

Lee Sangmin Impersonate

Who would have thought that Lee Sang-min has a skill in imitating someone? Lee Sang-min’s impersonating skill has been proved when Kim Bo-sung came as a guest on Knowing Brothers. Kim Bo-sung was famous for his catchphrase “Uiri” which means loyal, and Lee Sang-min has his own story about Kim Bo-sung and his famous catchphrase. Watch the video below to find out what kind of story Lee Sang-min has about it!

Lee Sang-min With a Girl Group

Lee Sangmin Red Velvet Irene

Even though Lee Sang-min’s desk is placed at the end of the class, every time a guest comes in he will give the loudest reaction compared to the other cast members, especially when a guest is a girl group. Not only he gives the best reaction anyone could ask for, but Lee Sang-min also has many funny moments with girl groups who have come as guests on Knowing Brothers. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Lee Sangmin SNSD Sunny

One of his funny moments with a girl group is when Girls’ Generation came as guests. At that time, Lee Sang-min had a new hairstyle which made the girls curious about it. He explained that he had to go to America to meet some musician and that he wanted to try a new hairstyle while he’s at it. Listening to his story, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny suddenly blurted, “Did the visa came out?” pointing indirectly to Lee Sang-min’s financial situation. As soon as she said that, Lee Sang-min said that they don’t need a visa to go to America and even though someone doesn’t have money, they can still go to America. His answer immediately made the girls and the other cast members burst in laughter.

Another moment you can witness is when Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon doing a popping dance, and not long after, Lee Sang-min joining in. You can see how the two have fun popping dancing together in the video below:

Another funny moment of Lee Sang-min with girl groups is when I.O.I came as guests. In this episode, the cast of Knowing Brothers had to cosplay as contestants of Produce 101, and they had to battle with I.O.I. While battling, Lee Sang-min had to face Lim Na-young, the rapper of I.O.I. Knowing that she has the position of rapper in the band, he challenged her to show her skills by rapping freestyle.

Lee Sangmin IOI

If you want to know how the rap battle went, you can find out about the result by watching the video below:

Lastly, there are also moments between Lee Sang-min and a member of Blackpink, Jisoo. In the episode where Blackpink came as guests, it was revealed that he actually knows Jisoo’s father!

Lee Sangmin Blackpink Jisoo

After revealing this fact, Jisoo said that she’s amazed at the fact that she can speak casually with her father’s friend, which made the cast members burst in laughter.

So, what do you think about Lee Sang-min’s funny moments on Knowing Brothers? Do you think that he is funny and is one of your favorite cast members? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Lee Sang-min’s funny moments in the variety show Knowing Brothers in the comment section below!