Get The Details About Lee Sang-min’s Failed Marriage with His Ex-wife Lee Hye-young

Singer Lee Sang-min and Actress Lee Hye-young’s Past Marriage

Lee Hye-young and Lee Sang-min’s marriage used to be a hot subject of discussion in the Korean showbiz world. But, what actually happened with their relationship, and what is their relationship now?

Lee Sang-min’s Marriage Life

Lee Hye-young married Lee Sang-min in 2004. The wedding itself was quite sensational since Lee Hye-young is a quite popular actress, singer, and businesswoman, while, Lee Sang-min is a singer, songwriter, record producer, and television personality. He is a former member of the hip-hop and dance group Roo’ra. Lee Hye-young and Lee Sang-min have an age difference of years. Here are photos of their wedding:

leesangmin leehyeyoung
leesangmin leehyeyoung

The Reason Behind Their Divorce

Actress Lee Hye-young sued her ex-husband for fraud, according to the National Police Agency. The 34-year-old actress filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband, singer Lee Sang-min, for fraud, accusing him of cheating and taking around 2.2 billion won during their marriage until their divorce.

Her 33-year-old ex-husband, who was a member of the now-dissolved K-pop group Roo’ra, denied all claims and said that the case would be settled peacefully because it was brought through a misunderstanding.

In the lawsuit, she claimed that her ex-husband forced her to appear as a nude model for business purposes, taking 50 million won from contracts and 30 million won from the project. She added that Lee had not returned the money she had borrowed in her name, and also asked her to borrow money from her friends to support his business.

Regarding the nude drawing project, Lee Sang-min previously said that he never forced his wife to do it. He also said that he had paid back all the money he had borrowed for the car. He will resolve the complaint after the police investigation begins, according to his introduction.

Meanwhile, Ko Young-wook, Lee Sang-min’s friend and former member of Roo’ra expressed concern about Lee’s suit. “As far as I know, Lee Sang-min has a problem with debt and this demand may be related to that problem. I hope they reach a peaceful agreement,” he said.

A police official said Lee Sang-min was not only charged with fraud by his ex-wife, but also by two other people, who claimed that Lee cheated them out of 4 billion won. The police will call Lee Sang-min next month and investigate the allegations. The Lees married in June 2004 after 10 years of romance but ended in divorce in August 2005.

Lee Sang-min’s Scandal

In the 90s, Lee was a legendary rapper and music producer who sought and promoted top musicians. But his reputation reached its lowest point in the early 2000s. One scandal piled up after another: He was accused of plagiarizing music. He got divorced from the famous actress and singer Lee Hye-young after only one year of marriage. He was found guilty of running an illegal gambling business and sentenced to one and a half years in prison. Last but not least, he started a large restaurant featuring martial arts battles and failed transvestite shows, which failed royally in 2005, landing Lee with a debt of 6.9 billion won (around 6,200,000 US dollars).
Ironically, years later, Lee’s misery became a beneficial ingredient as part of his return. His return began slowly but surely in 2012 when he starred in the mockumentary style event on Mnet cable channel. God of Music records Lee’s journey in establishing an entertainment company. When stepping on the complicated line between reality and script, he did not avoid controversy. His seemingly authentic and unappealing personality surprised and entertained many people, paving the way for another glory for him.

Lee Hye-young Remarried and Their Relationship Now

lee sang min lee hye young

Lee Hye-young married her boyfriend of two years, a businessman one year older than her, in 2011. The wedding was held in the Big Island of Hawaii. Lee began dating her fiance, a banker, in late 2009 and chose Hawaii as a place to protect their privacy. This marriage was reported of taking place at the Four Seasons Resort, where baseball star Park Chan-ho also got married.

Recently, Lee Hye-young was a guest in the Life Bar program with Oh Yeon-soo. During her appearance, she was asked about her divorce from Lee Sang-min. “It was a difficult time known to all parties. But now I sincerely hope that he will succeed,” she said.

“My husband is now not too familiar with the world of entertainment news because he studied abroad,” said Lee Hye-young. “He didn’t even know that I was divorced. I was afraid he would get hurt, so I told him to read the news and see the reaction of his colleagues and then contact me if he still wanted to meet me.”

Regarding Lee Sang-min, who is currently increasingly popular with variety show lovers, Lee Hye-young has special hopes. “I want him to continue to be a good friend and remember the happy memories. I hope he meets someone who is better than me and lives happily.”

Meanwhile, singer and music producer Lee Sang-min talked about his divorce despite the fact that it had been around seven years since his divorce from actress Lee Hye-young. On TVN’s Baek Ji-yeon’s People Inside, Lee said that divorce was really his fault.

“I am responsible for all aspects and areas of my life and marriage is no exception. I should care more,” he said. Regarding the details about where the couple was wrong, Lee Sang-min said, “I don’t want to talk about it with anyone and prefer to bury it in my heart until the day I die.”