Lee Sa-bi’s Profile and Skin Care Routine

6. Treat with Nightly Sheet Mask


And, every night, to tighten her facial skin and keep it supple, she always uses a mask like Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask ($6).

“For the last eight years, I have done a sheet mask every night no matter what. I have done this without skipping even one day. You can call me a sheet mask connoisseur for sure. I have tried thousands of masks, and I love the instant and deep hydration and glow sheet masks provide. If you do it daily, you also see long-term benefits. I have to say, Peach & Lily carries some of the best sheet masks. The Cremorlab sheet masks and Shangpree masks, in general, are phenomenal.”

7. Avoid Dehydration by Drinking Plenty of Water


“I also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy. I know that a big part of having healthy skin comes from what you eat and how you live.

Taking care of your skin means taking care of your overall health. Beautiful skin is an outcome of a healthy lifestyle: eating well, sleeping well, and exercising enough, and, of course, using products with great ingredients that are right for your skin type. It’s about also your attitude toward life— embracing the future, embracing getting older, and having a great attitude at each stage of life.”

Well, what do you think? Interest to try it, girls?

Things to Know Before Using Korean Skin Care

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Every woman has different facial qualities- some are sensitive and some are normal. Not all women are compatible with Korean skin care products normally used by Korean idols. There are several things to know before using skin care products from Korea.

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1. Recognize Your Skin Condition


Weather and climate in our place greatly affect the condition of our own skin. Recognizing skin conditions is the first step that should be done when going to try Korean skin care. The reason- most of Korea’s skin care products are intended for dry skin. However, some women live in a place with a tropical climate and weather that tends to make their facial skin more oily.

2. Start by Trying One Product Every Week


Every Korean idol must have their own product that they believe in and is certainly different from others. Do not try many products in one use, however. Try to use one product every week and see if there is any change or not, whether it is suitable or not, and whether there are side effects or not. If there are side effects, stop using immediately and try to consult a dermatologist or try to use the previous product to restore damaged facial skin.

3, Skin Care Based on Quantity


Ever heard of triple cleansing and 10-step skin care? Skin care based on quantity is well known in Korea. However, before you decide to try it, again, start with the minimum quantity possible.

For example, you can try a Korean quantity-style skin care method with 7 steps by only applying 3 steps on the first day. Then, see the results first and just increase the frequency. Not all skins require a long skin care step like that, and not all skins can accept many types of skin care products.

4. Sheet Mask Every Day


Use a sheet mask according to your own skin problem. For example, use a mask to prevent oily skin if your face is often oily, and use a mask to prevent acne if your facial skin is often spotted with acne. And, do not use too many sheet-masks, and use at least twice a week.

5. Learn About the Composition


There are a lot of Korean skin care options, and the content in the products are no less numerous. Before trying to combine Korean skin care products, you should learn about the active ingredients of the skin care products that became coveted.