Lee Sa-bi’s Profile and Skin Care Routine


Lee Sa-bi’s Secret Skin Care to Look Young in Her 40’s

Smooth, bright, shiny facial skin is the dream skin of every woman. Some women are willing to spend a lot of money to do treatment with a doctor to get the facial skin they desire. However, lately, many women from South Korea are saying South Korea’s idol treatments are easier to imitate and do not cost much or take much time.

Keeping a beautiful and glowing face is the duty of every Korean idol, including actresses and actors, to continue to look beautiful or handsome. And, they can continue to look young even in their 40’s, including Lee Sa-Bi. Lee Sa-Bi is a South Korean actress and model who always looks young despite her age of 40 years, and she does not even look a bit wrinkled on her face. She is always disciplined in taking care of her face and never forgets to take care of her face every day. Let’s see how Lee Sa-Bi keeps her facial qualities bright and youthful!

Let’s go, girls!

Full Profile


Real Name: Lee Eon-Jeong

Stage Name: Lee Sa-Bi

Date of Birth: July 3, 1977

Age: 41

Profession: Model and Actress

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 51 kg

Blood Type: B

Zodiac: Cancer

Hobbies: Knitting and Cooking

Education: Sunhwa Girls’ High School, Catholic University of Daegu (Dance)

Agency: SidusHQ

How Does Lee Sa-Bi Take Care of Her Skin?


Can you believe that Lee Sa-Bi is now 40 years old but still looks young? Yes, Lee Sa-Bi always takes care of her skin to look younger than her age. Every day, she never forgets to take care of her facial skin. She both maintains her diet and uses skin care products.

According to her, healthy living is one way to keep her skin healthy as well. “A big part of it is a healthy lifestyle, eating fresh, organic foods, exercising regularly, and sleeping well,” she said. “To me, skin care was never about looking pretty or wearing a lot of makeup. Skin care is always about being healthy and taking care of yourself.”


Sa-Bi says that for her, as for many women in Korea, there has always been a “soothing, ritual-like” element to skin care. “Growing up, I saw my mother washing her face with rice water, which has nourishing and brightening benefits,” she describes. “It was all very ritualistic. The first batch of rice water is thrown out and the second batch is used. Then, just water is used to rinse off thoroughly. I grew up doing this, too, because I saw my mother doing it. It was all a part of learning how to take care of yourself.

Now, let’s see how Lee Sa-Bi takes care of her facial skin!

1. Pay Attention to the Products Carefully


In your 20s, you focus on prevention, which of course takes effort, patience, and consistency,” she said. “But in my 40s, I must be more encouraged by the information when it comes to skin care, I want to know what I wear on my skin.

Perhaps, some of us are wondering which products Lee Sa-Bi likes? Given the many beauty markets in Korea, there are many promising products. “There are amazing Korean beauty brands, and they are getting amazing from day to day,” she said. Places like Myeong-Dong tourist spots in Seoul have tourists offering to peddle the industry’s latest launch. “These stores have nice products, usually very affordable, but they’re not where I’m going to shop,” Sa-Bi said.

“Locals, especially those who are a little more serious about their skin care, usually shop for special brands that can be found in spas, dermatologist offices, and small boutiques.” According to Sa-Bi, these brands contain superior ingredients and formulations that produce wonders for various skin problems. “It takes effort to get to know the brand and its ingredients, as well as for what you eat,” she says. “I think the same kind of knowledge should be applied to what you wear on your skin.”

2. Double Cleanse Without Fail

skin care

After makeup, Lee Sa-Bi uses an oil cleanser to clean her face. The product she uses is Cremorlab T.E.N. Cremor Gentle Foaming Cleanser ($32).

I always make sure to double cleanse. For days that I’m on air or have a photo shoot, I have so much makeup on that a lengthier but still gentle double cleanse is mandatory, no matter how tired I am or when I’m done shooting or filming. I massage thoroughly and ensure all my makeup is removed.

3. Brighten with Customized Ingredients


In the summer, to keep her skin moisture from drying out, Lee Sa-Bi uses the Shangpree Bitgoa Hue Essence Toner ($57).

Now, because it’s spring, I’ve changed my whole skin care routine to one that focuses on brightening. I’m currently obsessed with the Shangpree Bitgoa line, [the toner in particular] because it boosts radiance with really amazing ingredients. This spa is really well known for making some of the most beloved products for women looking for serious skin care.

4. Hydrate with Ingestibles


In addition to maintaining the health and brightness of her skin from the outside, Lee Sa-Bi also maintains the health and brightness of her skin from the inside. She consumes vitamins like Nature’s Bounty Advanced Collagen Tablets ($8).

Since not all brightening lines are as hydrating as a hydration-focused line, I make sure I’m also using a lot of collagen-rich products since they have moisturizing properties. I also make sure I take my collagen pills, vitamin C, and skin probiotics.

5. Protect Skin Indoors and Out


To keep her skin out of the sun and UV lights, Lee Sa-Bi uses sunblock like Mizon UV Mild Sun Block ($16).

For sunblock, I wear two kinds always, even if I stay indoors. I do this since you can get sun damage through UV lights and via sunlight through the windows as well. I love being outdoors, though, and am always very active and will work up a sweat when I work out, so I use waterproof sunscreens and sunscreens that protect you from pollutants as well. I really like the lightweight protection Mizon’s sunscreen gives me.