All About Fromis_9’s Lee Nagyung: Profile, Age, Height, Instagram, Etc.

Lee Nagyung’s Debut with Fromis_9

fromis 9

Finally, the long-awaited debut day came. Fromis_9 that was promised to debut in 2017 finally made its debut on January 24, 2018. The girls consist of nine members who are Lee Saerom, Lee Nagyung, Jang Gyuri, Song Hayoung, Baek Jiheon, Lee Chaeyong, Noh Ji-seon, Park Jiwon, and Lee Seoyeon.

Before the debut date, Fromis_9 released a pre-debut song called “Glass Shoes.” They released the music video and also performed in Mnet Countdown! Let’s see the videos down below!

Even though the members were announced the previous year, people were still excited to see the teaser of Fromis_9. Let’s see the teaser of Nagyung before her official debut!


What do you think of Nagyung’s teaser? She was so young back then. She was also cute!

Fromis_9 made its debut by releasing its first EP called To Heart. The EP has a title track with the same name as the EP, “To Heart.” Let’s see the MV of Fromis_9’s debut song, “To Heart!”

What do you think about the music video? The girls look so cute and pure. They really suit well with the concept!

It feels like it’s not yet complete if we don’t see the dance practice of the song. Let’s take a look at “To Heart”‘s choreography version so we can focus more on Nagyung’s dancing skills.

What do you think about Fromis_9’s debut era? They really looked so pure and innocent back then, especially Nagyung. Look at how she has grown up now. Good job, Nagyung!

Fromis_9’s Lee Nagyung’s Performances on Stage


We have learned about Nagyung’s background story starting from before her debut until her debut days with Fromis_9. She is indeed a lovely child with an adorable personality. But, it’s still not enough to just see her charms because she still has many to show you.

Nagyung wasn’t trained for 2 years and 9 months for nothing. She really does have a talent that makes our jaws drop when she is on stage.

Let’s see Nagyung’s performances on stage when Fromis_9 is performing their songs in some music shows.

If the performances make you lose focus because of the other members’ charms, let’s see Nagyung’s focus videos that will make us only focus on her.

What do you think about Nagyung’s performances on stage? She’s really charismatic, right? Nagyung did well!

Fromis_9’s Lee Nagyung’s Chemistry with Other Members


Being a member of a 9-member group must be quite hard, especially when they have to share everything with the other members. But thankfully, Nagyung and the other Fromis_9 members are so close. The rest of the girls are around her age or even the same age as her. So, it’s easier for her to get close with the other members.

Let’s see Nagyung’s relationship with the other members!

saerom nagyung jiheon

Nagyung, Saeorom, and Jiheon look really cute together!

nagyung gyrui

Here is when Nagyung was too clingy towards Gyuri. They look so cute!

nagyung jisun

Nagyung and Jisun are looking pretty in the picture above!

nagyung seoyeon

Look at the two cuties who took a selfie. Nagyung and Seoyeon look really beautiful in this picture!

hayoung nagyung

Hayoung and Nagyung look really hungry, but they’re still cute and pretty!

nagyung jiwon

Look at these two, Jiwon and Nagyung! Their chemistry is no joke!

Nagyung is really an adorable person. No wonder her members love her very much, as much as she loves her members.

Fromis_9’s Lee Nagyung’s Hairstyles


After debuting with Fromis_9 for over four years, Nagyung has tried a lot of hairstyles from time to time. She has tried wavy hair, straight hair, long and short hair, and has applied various types of colors to her hair.

Let’s see some of the hairstyles that Nagyung has tried out from her debut days until now!


Which of her hairstyles do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!


That’s all the information about Nagyung from Fromis_9 that we can gather so you can understand her better. Not only does she have a beautiful face but she’s also unpredictable if you know her well. If only she was not an idol, she probably would be a pro gamer that still plays 8 hours per day. But then again, that’s why Nagyung is just so lovable. Who has fallen for her already? Write your thoughts in the comments!