Look at Actor Lee Min-ki’s Best Running Man Appearances!

lee min ki

Who is Lee Min-ki?

Lee Min Ki (born January 16, 1985) is a South Korean actor, singer, and model. Lee played his first TV lead role in the 2005 sports drama Taereung National Village, followed by the romantic comedy Love Truly in 2006, and Dal-ja Spring in 2007. The actor has also starred in feature films, especially in the box office hit Tidal Wave, Quick, and Very Ordinary Couple.

Lee Min-ki on Running Man

Lee Min-ki appeared on Running Man episode 70. It was broadcast on November 27, 2011.

In this episode, Lee Min Ki joins a team with Kim Jong-kook, Haha, and Lee Kwang-soo. In addition to him, there are two other guests on that episode: Sohn Ye-jin and Park Cheol-min. This episode involved spy missions, and Sohn Ye-jin was one of the spies. She had to find another partner in crime who was also a spy.

The first mission of the day was to pick up the ringing phone hidden in a locker within 30 seconds, in order to receive their first clue. They ran, and the timer stopped. One, two, three teams picked up their phone on time, the last team answered with just one second to spare. They were all confused by the first clue, which was just “F”, and went on to the next location.

The team arrived at the next location, in the park, and a card showed that they had to take the next clue waiting for them above the bungee jump structure.


Look at the hyungs’ faces when they looked at Kwang-soo, the poor person who had to jump for their team. And to rub it in, Haha asked VJ to vote, too, and they all chose Kwangvatar.

It was time for a few words of encouragement for Kwang-soo, who was pathetic, and Haha told him that this would make him the Running Man hero he always dreamed of being. He reluctantly stepped onto the landing, and the instructor trained him a bit, “I can do it” was Kwang-soo’s response, “I want to do it.” So they asked for help from the crowd, shouting names. The hyungs counted down -It was his last chance, and he jumped.


The third mission was the food mission, and teams were invited to eat as they pleased. They were on alert, but they ate, memorized food and ordered it. Their tactics didn’t help to answer the brunch question and, whether they passed (the hint was “C”) or not, move to their final destination.

The final clue was revealed at their final destination, “E”, detailing the finished instructions as “FACE”, which left them stumped. The next mission was every man or woman for themselves, and Ye-jin pretended to be anxious when Jae-suk proclaimed they needed to remember that they are a team.

Ye-jin checked with PD Jr., who gave her the last mission: to find her eye-mate by connecting weapons with them, and releasing another Running Man. The obstacle was that the partner would have their own identification instructions, and won’t know what the signal is. Hmmm, this should be interesting.

She started rounding up the suspects, initially, starting with Gary. But he is too honest, and we have seen what spies can do to him. There was no response from Jong-kook – who is that?

Some of the members joined together to brainstorm ideas about the ‘FACE’ clues, and Jae-suk wondered if it had something to do with someone’s appearance, and then looked at Cheol-min. Hehe. And Cheol-min basically told him that he believes he is more handsome than Yoo-hyuk.

Tension soared after Jae-suk’s elimination, and now the rest couldn’t trust anyone. Ye-jin hesitated to attack Ace, but she showed him how she could. Then she tore Kwang-soo’s nametag.

The remaining members, both those still on the mission and those in prison, wrack their brains to figure out who the spy is, and how many. In prison, Kwang-soo showed that there were two seats missing, and Haha was sure it was women: Ye-jin and Ji-hyo. An announcement came: Min-ki came out (And we saw Ace and Spartakooks get rid of it easily).

Ji-hyo and Jong-kook’s next target was Gary, and they watched him from above, waiting for their moment. Soon there was a commotion from the lower floors, and all hell broke loose. As a result, both Gary and Cheol-min’s name labels were torn.

After witnessing the disaster, Ji-hyo suggested that they be honest with each other and both claimed that they weren’t spies with pink vows. They turned a corner, and Ye-jin slipped in, asking if they were spies. Ji-hyo chases after her for a few feet, and Jong-kook grabs Ji-hyo … wait, what?

Flashback to the cafe a few hours earlier, and Jong-kook is told by telephone that he is another spy. The instructions for identification were to touch someone else’s face with his finger. So he went around, like Ye-jin, testing everyone, getting more frustrated after every effort. He and Ye-jin had several meetings, but didn’t consider each other as spies until Haha was eliminated, and eventually they found each other.

One by one, they took the others with persuasion or strength, until we return to Ji-hyo. Her removal came quickly, but ended in anger, her eyes burning from betrayal.

Now it’s a matter of the ‘FACE’ instructions and Ye-jin was playing with a cellphone in her hand – what if it has something to do with cellphones? They speculated about the extension of the office, that the letters matched digits, but that didn’t work. Jong-kook tried a slightly different method (like F is the sixth letter of the alphabet). It worked, and they head up to track the missing name tags.

Ye-jin jumped out of the room, wondering if there’s no reversal, and Jong-kook got to his back, “Why won’t there” and he apologizes when he screams in fear.


They put the tag in the correct position and the box went up, making Spy Team the winner, and maybe effectively damaging the future relationship of Ace and Spartakooks.