Check Out Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min’s Heartwarming Story in ‘Because This Is My First Life’

Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min’s Cameo in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

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In 2018, the appearance of Jung So-min and Lee Min-ki was their first reunion after starring in the drama ‘Because This is My First Life’. Previously, the two acted as a husband and wife in the drama and gained high popularity because of it.

They appeared as a cameo on tvN’s ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’ for having worked with Park Joon-hwa, the director who had worked on the drama ‘Because This is My First Life’.


‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’ is a tvN drama based on the popular webtoon series of the same name. It tells a love story between Lee Young-joon (Park Seo-joon), who is a handsome, wealthy, and talented vice president of a company, and his reliable secretary named, Kim Mi-so (Park Min-young).

Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min played the roles of Kim Mi-so’s parents, while they were still young. This scene appeared when Mi-so was having a flashback to her youth.

The producers stated, “We thank Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min for making a cameo appearance despite their busy schedules. Their short but impactful performance as Mi So’s parents when they were younger will be one of the key points that will make ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ more fun. We hope many will look forward to it.

That’s the chemistry of the two actors, which was clearly visible even when they only had a cameo in a drama. Let’s continue to support them and look forward to their future dramas.